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May 18, 2022

Last weekend the Orono Arena held their first Road Rally Fundraiser to raise money for a new ice-resurfacer. Dean and Lisa Barker (in car) are pictured with Sharon and Peter…

PHAI project completed

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is the only nuclear waste cleanup project in the world, and “the world is watch-ing us,” noted Mark Hughey, General Manager of the PHAI….

Fiddling at the Orono Fair

The Old Time Fiddlers Contest was started by Norm and Ruth Andrews back in 1980. For the last ten years, Shirley Severn has volunteered her time to organizing the event.

Girl greatness starts here

On Saturday, May 14, representatives from Girl Guides 2nd Newcastle were outside their headquarters at Newcastle United Church selling the traditional Girl Guide cookies. Sales were brisk, and funds raised…

Orioles return

Just as Jim Richards predicted in last month’s paper, the Baltimore Orioles with their striking black and orange markings and distinctly beautiful songs have returned to the area. Pictured here…


Whatever the issue, community is the answer

If it’s there, it will be found

Those of us who did not grow up with the internet and did not have access to social media until we were already well into building our careers, should not be so quick to dismiss that nothing can come back to haunt us. Whether good, bad, or ugly, the pages that pop up when your […]
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