May 22, 2024

With the excavators behind the fence Jill Richardson’s dream of a residential hospice built in Newcastle is becoming a reality. Marigold Hospice Care is well represented (Back row L to R): Mark Murphy, Kirk Kemp, Charles Ewart, Rod McArthur and Leo Blindenbach. (Front row L to R): Steven Pinnock, Jackie Nixon, Denise Kearsey, Yvonne Kryzanowski, Melodie Zarzeczny and Sharon Payton.


Bringing community spirit to the airwaves

Jeremy Graham, a 22-year-old Orono native, is bringing a fresh wave of community spirit as the Events Coordinator and Swing Announcer at Durham Radio Inc., home to The Rock, KX 96 and CKDO. With an infectious enthusiasm for local engagement, Graham is calling on community organizations to connect with him to boost their events, both in advance and live on-air. His mission: to amplify local voices and foster a stronger, more connected community through the power of radio.


Champions of change

In the vibrant mosaic of civic life, community members often emerge as the true champions of transformative ideas and initiatives. These grassroots efforts frequently spring from the genuine needs and aspirations of ordinary people, driven by a collective desire to improve their neighbourhoods and cities.

Community-driven initiatives are the heartbeats of local progress. They are often born out of a deep-seated understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within a community. From the establishment of urban gardens to combat food deserts, to organizing neighbourhood watches to enhance safety, these initiatives represent the pulse of the people. They are nur-tured by the hands-on efforts of residents who volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to create tangible improvements in their surroundings.

When community members rally around a cause, their efforts are characterized by a unique blend of passion, perseverance, and practicality. They are directly invested in the outcomes, and their intimate knowledge of local issues allows them to craft solutions that are both innovative and effective. The grassroots nature of these movements also fosters a sense of ownership and accountability, as successes and failures alike are shared experiences that bind the community closer together.


Jury Lands Foundation is building momentum

Last Thursday the Jury Lands Foundation hosted a second event inviting members of the community to help shape the future of the ‘Camp 30’ site. Jeremy Freiburger, Cobalt Connects, consultant to the Jury Lands Foundation, lead a creative session to explore the future uses of the site focusing on outdoor uses and site animation with events, programming and more.


Herb Tink – The Soccer life

Life in the country is always busy, interesting and exciting. Always work to be done but there is always time for play. Out in the country around Solina, there has always been a tight feeling of community and sports, particularly soccer.


Quiet opening for Hope’s Cradle

Ontario’s first Hope’s Cradle installed on May 25, 2023 in Fire Station 1 was officially opened – although very low key, last Thursday. “This site has the potential to save a life. I truly hope it’s never needed, but better it’s there and never used than the alternative. I’m proud that Clarington Council voted to make use of this space to protect our most vulnerable residents,” said Mayor Adrian Foster.


Kendal Lions celebrates 20 years

In early March, 2004, the Orono Times caught wind of a new club that was being formed in Kendal. It had been reported that since January of that year, a number of Kendal residents had been meeting to organize a new Lions club. By March, there were close to twenty interested people and the decision had been made to submit an application to Lions International later that month, with the hopes of being formally chartered by late May.


Strategy meeting at the mound

The Kendal 18U T2 A Eagles gather at the mound for a strategy session during their semi-finals match against the Kingston Thunder. The T2 Eagles won the Group A preliminary round but were eliminated in the semi-final match. All in all, a very successful weekend.



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