May 1, 2024

The talent explodes at Autism Home Base every Monday afternoon as members take part in a 10 week Unscripted Improv program facilitated by Erica, Rick and Bruce from RealSpace Theatre in Toronto. There is still room for members to sign up for the final weeks.


Locals catalysts for community building

What happens when people get together to create music (in a safe and inclusive environment)? Something transformative: time slips by un-noticed, a lightness fills the heart, a spark of joy is ignited, a sense of comradery, connection, and rejuvenation fills the room. More importantly, there is a feeling of being part of something larger than one-self. Music has the power to transcend boundaries and to connect people from all walks of life.


Celebrate World Neighbour Day in Clarington on June 1

As June 1 approaches, Clarington residents are being called upon to embrace the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill by joining in the celebration of World Neighbour Day. With a call for unity, a Bowmanville resident aims to foster stronger community bonds and create lasting connections among its diverse neighbourhoods.


That sunshine list…

In the midst of skyrocketing food prices and a pressing short-age of affordable housing, the release of the Ontario Sunshine List raises pertinent questions about the justification of exorbitant public sector wages. At a time when many individuals and families are struggling to put food on the table and find adequate shelter, it is crucial to scrutinize the salaries of public sector employees, particularly in light of increasing tax levies at the regional and municipal level.

On the list this year are 133 people employed at the Municipality of Clarington which is up 19.8 per cent from 2022. The top earner is our CAO at $272,666, followed by our Deputy CAO/Director of Legislative Services/Solicitor at $233,269, Deputy CAO/Director of Finance and Technology/Treasurer at $230,723 and in forth place Deputy CAO/Planning and Infra-structure at $215,383.


Barn Quilt Trail – Star En Pointe

The barn quilt trail continues. The county roads north of Taunton Road often meander and take us past some interesting sites. It’s good to keep our eyes on the road, but sometimes things not on the road, draw our attention for a moment or two. Personally, I have an affinity to the area around Enniskillen and Tyrone. Perhaps a past life calls to me. Barns certainly do, wherever they are!


Local playwright featured in Port Perry Snapshots Short Play Festival

On May 10 and 11, theatre enthusiasts have the opportunity to be part of the Short Play Festival presented by the well-known professional theatre company, Theatre on the Ridge. This annual competition seeks to foster the development of local playwrights, as well as celebrate the definitive moments of community life in a small Ontario town. This year, area resident David Simpson’s play, ‘Thai Green Curry’, was chosen to be among those featured at the event.



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