Happy Birthday to Orono’s Heather Rebekah Lodge

Last Tuesday the members of the Heather Rebekah Lodge #334 marked the 77th anniversary of Fraternal Membership in I.O.O.F. They held an open meeting, and the sisters turned out to welcome all visitors. It was hoped that word had spread through the communities and interested residents of the area would be inspired to come and find out about the Rebekah’s tradition of providing volunteer service and support to local causes.


Dedicated volunteers carrying on the Colville legacy

It’s National Volunteer Week. Join us in celebrating the crew at Kirby Church Books. In 2005 I interviewed Brian Colville, the headline was ‘Saving Kirby United Church’. The Church was closed in 2002 due to low attendance as is the fate of many churches in rural areas. The congregation of the Kirby United Church voted to sell the church and chattels to the Clarington Museum Board for $1 – provided that the building was moved from its existing site.


The social media seduction

In the age of digital enlightenment, where information flows ceaselessly like a mighty river, one would expect the human intellect to flourish like never before. Alas! Instead of basking in the glory of an era ripe with knowledge, we find ourselves ensnared in the web of social media, where critical thinking goes to hibernate, research becomes a mythical quest, truth is as subjective as the next meme, and disconnection thrives amidst the illusion of constant connection.

Let’s embark on a journey through the addictive allure of social media, where the pursuit of knowledge is as rare as finding a unicorn grazing in your backyard.

Remember critical thinking? That long-lost art form buried beneath the rubble of cat videos and endless scroll sessions. Social media has perfected the art of spoon-feeding information, leaving us intellectually flaccid and utterly reliant on algorithms to tell us what to think. Why bother critically analyzing a political stance or dissecting the nuances of a scientific study when you can simply regurgitate the latest trending hashtag? After all, who needs a sharp mind when you have a steady stream of dopamine to keep you company?


Who’s responsible?

A resident on Concession Rd 5 has been try to get someone out since the ice-storm in 2015 to take care of this tree. The recent high winds broke the truck at the base making it worse, touching the wire. Countless calls to the municipality and to Bell Canada have gotten her nowhere. It might not take much for the tree to take out the line.


Kate Harrison – Roots and ties

Kate Harrison lives in an old school house, SS No. 17, to be exact. Back in the 1800’s John Reid donated this land for a school. There were, and still are two families of Reid’s not related but close friends. Kate’s grandfather and the other Mr. Reid were best friends into old age. Nothing has changed down through the generations. Community history proves that yes there are only six degrees of separation, and sometimes less.


Get your ‘board’ game face on at ClaringCon

The first weekend in May, area residents have a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the inaugural Clarington Board Game convention at the Rickard Centre in Bowmanville. The two-day event called ‘ClaringCon’, starts Friday May 3 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., and Saturday May 4 from 7 a.m. through to 10:30 p.m. Cost for the convention pass is $45.



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