April 10, 2024

Three-year-old Carson tried very hard on Saturday to prove everyone wrong, who thought he couldn’t lift the Millstone. On Saturday the newly renovated Orono Branch of the Clarington Library, Museums and Archives was officially opened. The day also commemorated the return of the Orono Millstone to the library lawn. It had been moved to the Kirby Museum when the archives were moved from the second floor of the library to the museum.


Orono Town Hall set to last another 125 years

We are proud to continue the tradition of serving our community and we hope that we continue to do so for many years. There are discussions with the municipality regarding the future of the community hall, and we plan to be active in those discussions,” said Brad Smith, chair, Orono Town Hall board, as he welcomed and thanked community members for their ongoing support of the hall.


Where everybody knows your name

In the heart of our quaint rural village stands a monument to history, resilience, and community spirit—the Orono Town Hall. As this beloved landmark celebrates its 125th anniversary, it’s not merely a commemoration of bricks and mortar but a testament to the enduring bond between a town and its cherished gathering place.

Myno Van Dyke ended presentation Saturday night at the 125th Celebration Dinner with a quote from Winston Churchill, “we shape buildings; thereafter they shape us.” This resonated profoundly in the story of Orono Town Hall – a structure that has not only sheltered generations but has also woven itself into the very fabric of the community’s identity.


The Respite Club

New to Clarington, The Respite Club (TRC) is an inclusive out-of-home play centre designed to enhance and uplift the caregiving journey for neurodivergent, delayed, disabled, or exceptional children and youth.


Early start on Spring cleanup

Hans and Barb Colmorgan are at it again. This active and community minded couple have once again spent about 12 hours of their weekend doing a pre-Earth Day cleanup on Arthur Street and the 3rd Concession west to Manvers. The weather was nice, so they thought they’d head out and do some cleanup of the areas where they enjoy walking or cycling. “We picked up 11 bags on Arthur alone. Someone stopped and brought us some coffee, and another guy stopped, got out and offered us some lunch. There was a passenger in the backseat, maybe 8-10 years old, who said, ‘we want to thank you sir’,” stated Hans. Reports are that much household pet waste and construction materials were among the refuse collected, bagged and stored for the municipality to pick up. A small bonus: “we get about 14 or 15 dollars in empties and beer cans,” laughs Hans. There are many area cleanups scheduled. No doubt, as usual members of our communities will be out in force to do their bit to spring clean our streets and parks. Let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates with a fine forecast!


Motion passed to officially open Hope’s Cradle in Bowmanville

Hope’s Cradle is a collaborative initiative, founded by Calgary based registered charity ‘Gems for Gems’, to protect infants from unsafe abandonment. The cradle provides for the safe and anonymous surrender of a baby. Clarington Council endorsed the installation of the Hope’s Cradle at their September 12, 2022 Joint Committee Meeting.


Barb King and Rick Hurvid – Pony Up

The name Barb King is well recognized in equestrian circles. She was in the saddle as a young child and has been in the show ring for many years. Rick was a little later to the show, but being a quick study, became a great proponent of everything equestrian. Great love story – guy meets horse and falls in love. It was a jet black 17 hands Thoroughbred. Unfortunately, the love was not mutual.


A little over two weeks…

Tina Barrie is modelling some of the sample projects that are available to purchase. Barrie is retiring and closing her shop, Soper Creek Yarn. There are plenty of yarn deals and sample sales. The last day for visiting is April 27 which is ‘Local Yarn Shop Day’.



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