April 3, 2024

Elvis Stojko made quite the entrance, not unlike James Bond, on Saturday during the adults’ ‘007’ themed performance at the afternoon show of the Orono Figure Skating Club ‘Rolls Out the Red Carpet’ 76th annual Skating Carnival. The ‘Bond Girls’ were on hand thankfully, and they rushed to defend Stojko against the water-gun packing villains.


Discover what the Rebekahs are all about

The Heather Rebekah Lodge #334 is celebrating something pretty fantastic this year – their 77th birth-day. Curious about the Rebekahs and what they do for our community? Here’s your chance. Everyone is welcome to attend an Open Meeting on Tuesday, April 9 at 1:30 to celebrate this milestone.



When I start to miss the craziness of a larger news market, I reflect on the beauty of small-town life. There’s something inherently special about being a part of a close-knit community where familiar faces greet you at every turn and genuine connections are forged effortlessly. The bonds we share with our neighbours extend far beyond mere acquaintance; they are rooted in shared experiences, mutual support, and a deep-seated sense of belonging. Nowhere is this sense of camaraderie more evident than at a community event.

Now I know that I am not that only one who gets teary-eyed and nostalgic during the Orono Figure Skating Club’s Annual Skating Carnival. This year marks the 76th iteration of this beloved event, a testament to the enduring spirit and sense of community that thrives in our humble village. For me, the carnival encapsulates everything that is wonderful about growing up, living, and working in a small town—it nourishes the soul in ways that are truly unparalleled.


The Barn Quilt Trail – Solina Community Centre

Back out on the Barn Quilt Trail this week. As we know, barn quilts can be mount-ed on buildings other than barns, with the same intention, to tell a story. On the east end of Concession 6, in Ward 3, west of Holt Road and east of Eldad church, we arrive at Solina. Settled in the mid 1800’s, this village has a rich agricultural history.


Another donation to Marigold Hospice

Bowmanville Clinic Pharmacy recently donated $1,850 to Marigold Hospice Care, proceeds from a ‘community filled’ raffle basket. Pictured (L to R) Marigold Hospice Care Board member Willie Woo; Bowmanville Clinic staff member Camela Harrison, who created the basket; pharmacy co-owner Patty Rice; Marigold Hospice Care Board members Yvonne Bons-Kryzanowski and Jill Richardson; and pharmacy co-owner Marlene McCall.


Tom Morawetz – The cycling life

Along Taunton Road for the last 35 or so years, Evergreen Farm and Garden has been the go-to place for John Deere equipment. When it was established in 1989, Tom and Marilyn were partners with Arnold and Gail Carrie. The humans have changed, but the familiar green John Deere Tractors and small farm and garden equipment are still displayed on the lawn of the dealership.



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