March 27, 2024

Pastor Allison, Mia, and Easter Bunny at the Easter Bunny enjoyed their visit at the Community Easter event hosted by the Salvation Army Church last Saturday. Mia and the many other youth and families in attendance had a chance to play games, eat some treats and get their faces painted. The highlight for the younger set was definitely the Easter Egg Hunt, with each child receiving a generous surprise.


Breathing life back into the Jury Lands

On February 12 the Jury Lands Foundation put out a call to local businesses and community groups who could possibly use the cafeteria building. They need users who can use the building in its rough state as they prepare to restore the first, of several buildings, on the Jury Lands/Training School/Camp 30 site.


Upholding democratic principles

In the bedrock of democracy lies the fundamental principle of citizen participation—a cornerstone that fortifies the very essence of governance by the people, for the people. At the heart of this participation stands the right of residents to speak before their elected municipal council, voicing their concerns, grievances, and hopes for change. This right is not merely a formality; it is a vital conduit through which the voices of the electorate resonate within the chambers
of power. In upholding this right, we affirm the essence of democracy and foster active civic engagement, ensuring that the decisions made reflect the collective will of the governed.

In any democratic society, the municipal council serves as a crucial forum where local issues are deliberated upon and decisions are made that directly impact the lives of residents. From zoning regulations to budget allocations, from public services to infrastructure development, the decisions taken within these chambers reverberate throughout neighbour-hoods, shaping the very fabric of communal life. Thus, it is imperative that residents have the opportunity to engage directly with their representatives, to express their perspectives, and to advocate for policies that align with their interests and values.


John McFeeters – Scrimshaw

Most people have hobbies. Arts and crafts, music, sports, collecting, reading, puzzles, board games. The choices are myriad. Research tells us that “a hobby is any activity that a person pursues because they enjoy it, and with no intention of making a profit.”


Third book’s a charm

Orono resident Jim Richards’ third book, and his final major work and contribution to ornithology, ‘Birds of Cambridge Bay, Southeastern Victoria Island and adjacent small islands, Nunavut, Canada’ (250 pp, hard cover) was released on Saturday. Publication costs were covered by Polar Knowledge Canada a division within the Federal Ministry of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs. They are handling all sales and can be contacted via email: info@polarpolaire. or phone: 613-943-8605. All profits at Jim’s request will go towards arctic research by Polar.



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