February 14, 2024

THOR Motorsports participated in the 2024 Progressive King of the Hammers off-road race through the Mojave Desert. Co-driver Chris Knight (L) and driver, Orono resident Jamie McKeen, on Sunday after returning from their trip. With the help of their pit crew, THOR Motorsports raced in the final event on February 3, Nitto Race of Kings.


Local drivers face down the Mojave Desert

Orono resident Jamie McKeen, THOR Motors-ports, along with his co-driver Chris Knight and their pit crew returned home this past weekend from California where they participated in the largest, toughest one day off road race in the world the King of the Hammers, Nitto Race of Kings on February 3 in the Mojave Desert.


Outreach workers play a key role in supporting vulnerable populations

Last week the Orono Weekly Times featured the Region of Durham sponsored warming centre, located at St. Paul’s United Church in Bow-manville. This week we explore the role of the front-line staff employed by the region. This recently assembled team of outreach workers bridges the gap between the homeless or unhoused population and their access to the health and wellness services that are available that might afford them some relief and possibly give them a chance to change their circumstances.


Upholding community Journalism

In 2023, 29 community newspapers in Ontario called it quits… shut down… called it ‘30’. For decades, these cherished publications have been the pulse of our communities, capturing local stories, championing causes, and connecting neighbours. As the ink dries on these pages of history, it’s crucial to reflect on the significance of independent news and rally support for its survival.

The landscape of journalism has been irrevocably altered by the advent of online sites and social media platforms. While these digital avenues offer instant access to news from around the globe, they have also siphoned away advertising revenue that once sustained local newspapers. The allure of targeted online ads and the ease of reaching a wider audience has dealt a significant blow to small independent print community newspapers.


Being ‘reel-ly’ captivated

Durham Region’s Film and Television Industry Career Fair is back. Ever been “reel-ly” captivated by the movies? If so, be sure to check out the Durham Region Film Commission’s (Film Durham) annual Film and Television Industry Career Fair. This exciting event is for students and adults seeking a career in this exciting industry.


The Ides of March

Part I – Days of the month were not numbered by the Romans, to keep track they relied on three fixed points of the month: initially the Nones (the beginning), then the Ides (the middle) and concluding with the Kalends (the end). Counting back from these fixed points would determine the day of the month. The Ides of March happened to be the 74th day in the Julian calendar, corresponding to March 15th. In year 44 BC, it became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar, a turning point in Roman history.


Valentines Day Through the Archives

Listen up, folks, it’s crunch time. Today is Valentine’s Day and if you show up at home empty-handed, there is a very good chance you will be spending the next week experiencing more than your share of side-eye and “I’m fine.”.



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