January 31, 2024

Monday, January 29 was declared Hospice Day in Durham Region. The Marigold Hospice Care flag was raised at the Clarington Administrative Building in Bowmanville. Board members wearing orange scarves are joined by Councillors Zwart, Woo and Mayor Foster. From left: Councillor Margaret Zwart, Rod McArthur, Councillor Wille Woo, Kirk Kemp, Jackie Nixon, Mayor Adrian Foster, Marion Timmermans, Gwen Cole and Jill Richardson.


The by-law conundrum

In the complex web of governance within Ontario municipalities, the delicate dance between local autonomy and provincial oversight is often a source of frustration for residents. The relationship between municipalities and provincial policies, combined with the hierarchical structure of official plans, can lead to the passage of by-laws that may not always align with the preferences of the people they serve.

This raises the crucial question: How can voters ensure their voices are heard and influence change when faced with seemingly inflexible municipal by-laws?

One of the fundamental aspects of municipal governance in Ontario is the requirement for by-laws to conform to provincial policies/regulations. While this ensures a level of consistency and adherence to broader legislative goals, it also means that local nuances and specific community needs may be overlooked. This tension between provincial mandates and local preferences is where the challenge lies.


James Breech – A learned man

Ward 4 is a collage of interesting people. All walks of life and experiences continue to fall together here. James Breech was born in the United States but through academic pursuits landed in Canada. He and wife Vicki are very happy here and contribute the local mosaic.


Mayor’s Golf Classic proceeds donated to Hospice

Marigold Hospice Care, Clarington’s residential hospice to be built on Cobbledick Road in Newcastle, was presented with a cheque for $32,718.39, proceeds from the 2023 Mayor’s Golf Classic. Mayor Foster, along with Councillors Zwart, Woo, Rang, Elhajjeh and Anderson presented the donation at Monday’s council meeting. Representing Marigold Hospice were: Jackie Nixon, Denice Kearsey, Jill Richardson, Rod McArthur, Kirk Kemp and Marion Timmermans.


Revisiting a ornithological classic

Not sure how many readers will remember when on September 10, 1974 the book Birds of the Oshawa-Lake Scugog Region, Ontario by Ronald G. Tozer and James M. Richards was published. It was the culmination of 13 years of research and writing by both authors. It took that long because Ron was attending university; first in Toronto, then in Michigan during that period and was preoccupied with his studies.


Leetooze’s first novel, ‘Finding Sean McRory’ a real page turner

It’s by no means Sher Leetooze’s first publication, in fact it’s one of 35 works of non-fiction, as well as one novella that she has penned over the years. ‘Finding Sean McRory, A Callum Neale Story’ is her first novel however, and she’s hit the mark for those who love contemporary fiction, mixed with a little romance, intrigue and historic locales in which the story is set.



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