January 17, 2024

Bronwyn, Avery and Elliot cheered on the Star 1 skaters at their first Skate Ontario competition held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Orono Arena. The Orono Figure Skating Club welcomed 604 skaters from all over Ontario, despite the crazy weather.


Clarington assumes ownership of Lakeview Cemetery, Newtonville

The municipality is assuming ownership and control of the Lakeview Cemetery in Newtonville, which dates back to the 1830s. The existing private cemetery board informed staff of their retirement and of a lack of interest in filling their positions. If the cemetery were to become abandoned, responsibility for it would transfer to the Municipality, and transitioning ownership now with the existing Board is a more efficient process. The board transfered ownership of the cemetery to Clarington on January 1, 2024.


Rural town growth: impact on quality of life

Rural towns are experiencing a surge in growth, driven by economic, social, and cultural shifts. As the landscapes transform and the population burgeons, the effects on an individual’s quality of life become increasingly nuanced. While growth brings about opportunities, it also introduces challenges that demand careful consideration.

One of the primary catalysts for rural town growth is the influx of economic activities. New businesses, industries, and infrastructural developments can create job opportunities, stimulating the local economy and providing residents with a chance to build sustainable livelihoods. The prospect of steady employment often draws individuals and families to these burgeoning towns, offering an alternative to the allure of urban life. However, the influx of people and industries can disrupt the traditional pace and rhythm of rural life, impacting the very essence of what attracted people to these areas in the first place.


Film Durham. Your location, their next film.

Are you interested in listing your property as a potential filming location in the Film Durham and Ontario Creates Digital Location Libraries? If so, the Durham Region Film Commission (Film Durham) and municipal film offices are offering a Locations Seminar for homeowners and businesses in the region to learn about hosting a film or television production.


Kendal Lions donate $500 to Hospice

During the holidays the Kendal Lions gathered donations for Marigold Hospice Care. Names were put in a hat and one lucky person was gifted a lovely Christmas basket. Pictured in the back row (LtoR): Leo Blindenbach, MHC board member; Carol Robinson, Kendal Lions; and MHC board members, Yvonne Kryzanowski and Councillor Willie Woo. Front row: Alice Scott, Kendal Lions president and Marion Timmermans, MHC board member.



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