January 10, 2024

Carol Robinson, second from left organized a musical get-together at Kendal Community Centre last Friday for anyone who wanted a place to play, practise, learn. Twelve people showed up with a variety of skills, with 10 guitars, one keyboard, and two fiddles. They had a good time and took turns sharing their efforts. Peterborough, Pontypool, and Bowmanville as well as the local area were represented. Here from left to right is Gloria Schumacher, Carol Robin-son, Dave Chown, Dickson Raynard, Ewanna Gallo, Margaret Zwart, Bev Caswell and Winnie Finnie. The group meets every Friday from 1 – 4 p.m. everyone is welcome, $3 fee.


OMC appointment for local resident

On November 15, 2023 Orono resident James (Jim) Richards was appointed a Member of the ‘Order of Canada’. The news was under an embargo until the official announcement was made on December 28 by the Office of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada. The investiture ceremony will take place at Rideau Hall in Ottawa at a date yet to be announced around the end of February.


Just like that, it’s a new year – So what?

The annual celebration of New Year’s Eve is a global phenomenon, a moment that transcends cultural boundaries and brings people together in shared anticipation. It marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, a time when resolutions are made, and promises to oneself are sworn. However, beneath the glittering surface of the celebrations lies a contemplative question: What significance does the turning of the calendar really hold?


Brigetta Balling and Erik Jukic – Green Eggs and Lamb

A farm in the country is an impressive place to be at any time of the year. At Green Eggs and Lamb, on Reid Road, everything seems very quiet. If you stop, stand still and listen, all you hear is Milligan Creek bubbling through the pasture. Oh, maybe sometimes there is a tractor in the distance. There is lots going on, though.


77th Annual Waterfowl Count of Lake Ontario

New year’s traditions come in all forms. For James Kamstra, it means the annual waterfowl inventory count of Lake Ontario, a project initiated by the Toronto Ornithological Club in 1947 which takes place the first Sunday after New Year’s Day. This year, he put out a call for volunteers and fellow ecologist Jen Christie responded immediately.



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