November 15, 2023

Lt. Governor of Ontario Elizabeth Dowdeswell laying a wreath at the Bowmanville Cenotaph on Saturday, November 11. Clarington holds five Remembrance Day Services each year. At Newtonville and Orono Cenotaphs services were held the weekend before. On November 11 services were held at Newcastle, Bowmanville Cenotaphs. In Courtice they were held at White Cliffe Terrace.


NPS students learn about local history

The Newcastle Village and District Historical Society (NVDHS) welcomed 235 grade three through five students and their teachers from Newcastle Public School to their museum in the Community Hall last week for a series of presentations focusing on local soldiers, some of whom are honoured on the banners around area downtowns.


Jury Lands Foundation moving forward

If all goes as planned, the Jury Lands Foundation with the help of Cobalt Connects, will begin community consultation on uses of the Cafeteria Building at the historical – controversial, Boys Training School/Camp 30 site on Lambs Road, in the first quarter of 2024.


A case for ditching FB

Well, it’s been three months since meta started blocking news content on their social media channels. This coupled with growing concerns about privacy, misinformation, and algorithmic biases, here’s why it might just be time for community newspapers to break free from the ‘Facebook mold’. While Facebook has been a dominant force in connecting communities and disseminating information, there are compelling reasons why community newspapers should not mourn their exile from Facebook.

The issue of algorithmic control poses a significant challenge to the organic reach of community newspapers. Facebook’s algorithms determine what content appears on users’ feeds, creating a filter bubble that reinforces existing beliefs and limits exposure to diverse perspectives. This algorithmic control often means that valuable local news content may not reach the intended audience. By ditching Facebook, community newspapers can regain control over their distribution channels, ensuring that their content reaches a broader and more engaged local readership.


Flipping for community

The Newcastle Volunteer Fire Fighters generously donated $1100 from their pancake breakfast during the Newcastle Harvest Festival to Clarington East Food Bank. Pictured from LtoR are: Harry Koerssen; Tracey Bolger and Susan Pas-coe, Clarington East Food Bank; and Chris Vanhaverbeke.


Ron Best – The best of times

Ron Best is serious about his family history. Not only is he well versed in it, but has myriad documentation of his Orono heritage. This father of five is now on a mission to keep the family history up to date and preserved.


Guest at Old Kirby Church

Camille the Camel has decided to spend the winter in the Old Kirby Church. You have two Saturdays left to visit and stock up on your winter reading. But don’t plan on going home with Moby Dick. Apparently, she is reading the classic. Camille would indeed be upset not to learn that Captain Ahab does not kill the great white whale.



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