Creepy kooky pumpkins

It’s that time of year, when the strange and unusual become the norm. When tricks can become treats. When the unexpected becomes almost expected. Sometimes the strangest things happen in the humble and unassuming pumpkin patch!


The ‘Big Guy’ is in Orono November 25

The Rebekah Lodge was the place to be on Saturday morning. Shelly Rivers, chair of the Orono Santa Claus Parade committee serves Tanya pancakes. Student volunteers Alysia and Greg and committee member Scott Story along with Shelly and Jon Story were kept busy all morning. Thanks to the community they raised $642 with $300 being donated to Marigold Hospice Care (formerly Durham Region Hospice – Clarington). Orono Santa Claus Parade 2023 buttons [inset] are on sale at downtown Orono businesses for $3.


Orono Minor Hockey

Orono 13U-T1 unbeaten over weekend

By Ace O’Day
With the leaves in full autumn colours, the Orono Leafs have begun their hockey season. The 13U T1 Leafs played their home opener on Saturday night, their opponent, Clarington Thunder T4. A year previous, the 13U T1 club ran the gauntlet, not dropping a single CRHL game. They were looking to continue that streak in front of a large crowd.


Recycling fatigue; is it a thing?

Recycling, once a symbol of environmental responsibility, has become a widely accepted practice in many parts of the world. It’s a crucial component of sustainable living, as it conserves resources, reduces waste, and minimizes the environmental impact of manufacturing. However, an emerging issue known as ‘recycling fatigue’ threatens to undermine the progress we’ve made in promoting eco-friendly behaviours.

Recycling fatigue is a term used to describe the weariness and disinterest people may experience when faced with the seemingly never-ending task of sorting and disposing of recyclable materials. This fatigue manifests in various ways, from a decline in recycling rates to increased contamination of recycling bins with non-recyclable items.


October 25, 2023

Kevin Adams, owner of The Old Newcastle House Taps & Grill, presented Susan Pascoe, coordinator of the Clarington East Food Bank, a cheque for $1,500 from the proceeds from the Newcastle Community Hall 100th Anniversary Beer proceeds. The donation is being put towards CEFB’s Christmas Hamper Program. This year the Christmas Hamper budget is $30,000. Pascoe says there has been a 150% increase for hampers from last year.



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