Council grants$1.25 million

At Monday’s General Government meeting Clarington Council unanimously gave their initial support to a motion to provide a $1.25 million grant to Durham Region Hospice – Clarington, to support construction efforts.


Same old song

Throughout Canada’s history, there have been instances where politicians have promised one thing during their election campaigns but prioritized political interests over the public welfare once in office.

Louis Riel, a Métis leader, was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 1873 and again in 1874. He was a strong advocate for the rights of the Métis people in the Canadian West. However, during the North-West Rebellion of 1885, when Riel led a resistance against the federal government’s encroachment on Métis lands, Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald sent military forces to suppress the rebellion, prioritizing political stability over addressing the legitimate grievances of the Métis.

Brian Mulroney, while campaigning for re-election as Prime Minister, promised that the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement would bring significant economic benefits to Canada. Once the agreement was in place, many Canadians felt that it disproportionately favoured the United States, leading to concerns about job losses and erosion of Canadian sovereignty.

During the early 2000s, the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and later Paul Martin, became embroiled in the Sponsorship Scandal. The scandal involved the misal-location of public funds for advertising in Quebec to promote federalism. This misuse of taxpayer money served the political interests of the Liberal Party by shoring up support in Quebec while diverting funds from other public services.


Putting the pollinator garden to bed for the season

Jeff, Kassy, and T.T. from Oshawa Clarington Community Living, are excited to be part of the first fall planting at A Gift of Art.

Graeme Cook, General Manager, Charles and Kathy Ewert, A Gift of Art board members, welcome David Gillespie and his daughter Alana to the accessible garden at the facility.

A group from the local community living visited ‘Katherine’s Pollinator Garden’ to plant daffodils for the community to enjoy this coming spring. Alana was assisted by Angel, the bus driver and avid gardener.

Ann-marie Harley gives credit to Evelyn Delin, who maintained the garden since it opened. A sample of the bounty that is being delivered to the foodbank, courtesy of the gardeners at A Gift of Art’s ‘Katherine’s Pollinator Garden’.


Monarchs tagged before leaving town

It took 30 minutes for Kye to catch the first butterfly, number 250. His brother Aaron caught the next two, number 251 and 252 soon after.

One of the 46 Monarch butterflies netted, tagged and re-leased for their migration south. Close to 100 people were present to observe the tagging process.

Rachel took an opportunity to pose in the Monarch chair, courtesy of Sandra Walton-Ball, at the 7th Annual Monarch Tagging Event held at the Newcastle Lakeshore.


ODBIA Basket Winner

The winner of the Adult Basket for the Buttercup Hollow 100th Anniversary/Birthday event on August 19 was Alison Jacobs. Participants of the Passport: Stutts Pharmacy, Buttercup Hollow Pantry, Strands Studio, Tattoo – Black Willow, Terrens Wellness, Orono Weekly Times, Sunny Restaurant, Soper Creek Yarn, Orono Antique Market, Orono General Store, Main Thru Church Antiques, I Wood, Apple Blossom Flowers, Orono Country Café, Twisted Pizza, Mister Convenience Store and Holistic Physio and Wellness.



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