No Frills steps up

Leo Blindenbach, Durham Region Clarington Hospice board member, was thrilled to receive a $1000 donation from Carla and Frank Palmieri, owners of No Frill’s in Newcastle, in addition to donating all the food, water and supplies for the BBQ at the Hike or Bike for Clarington Hospice Fundraiser. Leo confirmed that over $65,000 has been raised so far for Clarington’s Hospice.


Orono Fair racing nostalgia

A Letter to the Editor, submitted to the Times by J.E. Armstrong in April 1952, alluded to the future increase in popularity of horse trot-ting and racing in Orono. The question was asked, “What is Orono coming to?”


Making a positive difference in women’s lives

People respond in different ways when confronted with setbacks. Experiencing loss, whether it be the death of someone significant in their lives, possessions, pets, or livelihood, one can move on or become paralyzed. For Bowmanville resident Susan Forsyth, she chose to move forward. The journey wasn’t straightforward and involved frequent reevaluation. It just so happens that her path to wellness involved helping others. This is her story.



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