August 30, 2023

The raffle table was jam-packed with awesome prizes at the Orono Veterinary Hospital’s 2nd Annual Bow Wow Palooza held last Saturday. Kelly Prest, receptionist, and Liz Carcone, Practice Manager were delighted at the turnout despite the unsettled weather. The event raised $1041 for Orono’s OSCAR Fund.


Orono Library renovations

Last June Clarington Public Library, Museums & Archives announced that the Orono Library [formerly the Waddell House] would be undergoing renovations to enhance public accessibility. The highly anticipated renovations are expected to begin this fall.


Greenbelt Converation

Many portions of the Greenbelt are owned by private individuals, farms, and businesses, the majority of the lands are owned by The National Capital Commission (NCC) which is the federal Crown corporation. Landowners are subject to the regulations and restrictions imposed by the Greenbelt Plan, which limits certain types of development and land use.

Some municipalities within the Greenbelt own and manage land within their boundaries. They play a role in enforcing Greenbelt regulations and ensuring that development aligns with the Greenbelt Plan. Conservation authorities in Ontario may own and manage land within the Greenbelt, particularly in areas designated for conservation or environmental protection.

The Ontario government also owns and manages land within the Greenbelt. They have a vested interest in preserving the natural and agricultural heritage of the region. The provincial government established the Greenbelt Plan in 2005, which sets out the policies and regulations governing land use within the Greenbelt.


The Water Witcher

Prior to 1958, there were no municipal water works or sanitary sewer systems in the Village of Newcastle. Water came from individual dug or drilled wells and sewage disposal was by septic tanks. From 1954-1958 there were 43 new wells dug in the village. They were usually 45-50 feet deep. Mobile tankers were used for fire protection. They would draw water from creeks, the lake, wells or underground storage reservoirs.


Happy 101 Jean!

Jean Rickard turned 101 on August 19. Son George presented her with flowers and her friends gave her a sharable cake. When asked what she attributed her longevity to, she was quick with the reply. “I have never smoked and rarely drank. I keep physically active and busy in the community.” She also notes that “I was born with a photographic memory, so I always recognize where I am and where I am going.” Many happy returns Jean and we’ll try and keep up.


Snuggles for a good cause

Rachel and Susan Pears got their puppy cuddles in at Sophie’s Kissing Booth at Bow Wow Palooza on Saturday at the Orono Veterinary Hospital. It was all for a good cause with proceeds going to Orono’s OSCAR Fund.



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