August 9, 2023

To the community, Kevin Carr and Robynn Boissoin, send a massive thank you for your support and attending the Wyatt Carr Memorial Fundraising Event on July 22 at the Orono Fair Grounds. “Events like this cannot happen without you. Your spirit and generosity were alive and well that day. Thanks to everyone involved we were able to raise $11,022.25 all proceeds will be donated to Sick Kids.”


Happy 5th

It’s hard to believe that five years ago we published our first paper. It’s been an interesting ride.

If money wasn’t a part of the equation the paper would be huge and everyone would get it for free. But that is not my reality. It costs money – print costs, postage, creative… We have lost so many community newspapers over the last two decades and having a pandemic tossed into the mix did not help. Advertising is our main source of revenue – but thanks to [who will not be named] that has declined.

I love my job. But you all know that. What I don’t enjoy is having to defend the relevance of a local, independently published, community newspaper. Community newspapers focus on hyper-local news that affects residents directly. We cover events, issues, and developments that might not receive attention from larger media outlets. This localized approach creates a strong bond with the community, as people feel connected to the stories that directly impact their lives.


Never too young to give back

Jim and Sherri Richards great-granddaughter five-and-a-half-year-old Charlotte Faas, who lives in Newcastle, decided she wanted to hold a yard sale with the proceeds donated to the Clarington East Food Bank. Charlotte raised $256.00 from her sale on July 20 on Centreview Street.


An auspicious anniversary to celebrate

The countdown is on… 10 more sleeps to the Orono Park ‘Buttercup Hollow’ Centennial Celebration, Saturday, August 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The event has been organized by the Orono Community Collective (OCC), in collaboration with the Municipality of Clarington and the Orono Downtown Business Improvement Association (Orono DBIA).


Al Michael’s legacy continues to bring joy to travellers

Photo by Gil Goldstein

For over twenty-five years, travellers along scenic Lakeshore Road between Newcastle and Port Hope were delighted to come across “Hollyhock Lane,” the stretch of majestic multi-coloured hollyhocks planted by Al Michael. A number of years back, Al explained his purpose of the plantings: “One is because of the beauty of the flowers; two is because they are a feast for the eyes; three, because they help the lost soul to find its way; four, because they free the incarcerated heart; five, they mend the broken wings of the spirit.” To keep alive his wonderful legacy, his family have carried on the tradition, rewarding passersby this year with a delightful display of colour and form. Pictured here: Al’s daughter Tammy, Al’s wife Kitty, and granddaughters Carlie and Jayda. Granddaughter Danielle was also part of planting the tribute garden but is absent from the photo.



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