May 24, 2023

Close play at third. Carter Schoep of the Kendal 18U Eagles tags the Royal York Cardinals runner during a Sunday evening contest. This was one of the many exciting plays in last weekend’s Kendal Eagle 18U Open baseball tournament. The event was staged at the Harvey Jackson Memorial Park, the historic ballpark in pastoral Kendal. More details of the tourney can be found in the sports section.


Rock on at Tractorfest

For many local venues, Covid has hit the revenue stream with a sledgehammer. That is the case for the Kendal Community Centre, a go to local rental for family reunions, baby or wedding showers, celebrations of life and weddings among other activities.


Extinction? Say it ain’t so…

I came across something interesting the other day. And yes, it was on the internet. It was posted in 2014 “When Will Newspapers Become Extinct?” Curious, I couldn’t not not click.

That prediction comes from The Future Exploration Network’s research on the future of media. According to the research, newspapers as we know them will be extinct across the entire globe by 2040.

By 2025, they predict newspapers will be extinct in nearly 20 countries around the world:

2017: United States
2019: United Kingdom and Iceland
2020: Canada and Norway
2021: Finland, Singapore, and Greenland
2022: Australia and Hong Kong
2023: Denmark
2024: New Zealand, Spain, Czech, and Taiwan
2025: Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland


A million reasons why

For the many people of the area who take it upon themselves to support charities, families, newcomers or individuals, there are a lot of reasons why they do so. Some people are directly involved, others contribute anonymously or in any way they can.


Paul Jones – Local tree hugger

If someone declared Orono a unique and wonderful place we doubt anyone would disagree. One thing that makes Orono so unique is the abundance of trees. From 1922 to 1996, there were more than one million trees grown every year on what is now part of the Orono Crown Lands.



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