May 17, 2023

Hope Savage donated her ponytails to Cops for Cancer at a special assembly at Orono Public School last Wednesday. Hope and her sister Nicole raised close to $1000. Cops for Cancer started in the 90s to show their support and solidarity with their special friends who are fighting cancer. All the money raised through Cops for Cancer events goes directly to childhood cancer research and services.


Much ado about Orono parking

Armed with updated parking data from a study completed earlier this year, a staff report presented to council at the May 8 Joint Committee meeting concluded that there is currently a sufficient supply of on-street parking in Downtown Orono.


A very special day at Trillium Equine Complex

Dateline: Orono, Thursday May 11. The barn was abuzz at the Trillium Equine Complex last week. Owners Catherine and Robert Sampson, her staff and volunteers were busy preparing the extensive grounds for the 50th Anniversary celebration of the facility for an ‘Open Barn’ event to which friends, neighbours, former students, staff and volunteers were invited.


Must be tax time

CRA and SIN scams are ramping up.

DRPS and the RCMP have reported calls from residents saying they have received calls from a person claiming to be an officer from the CRA. The scammers are also asking for SIN numbers under the pretense they were compromised. In a new twist, scammers are using the DRPS non-emergency line, 905-579-1520, to appear legitimate.

Caller ID spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator of the call is a person – or in this case a police station, other than the true originating station.


Rhubarb through the archives

It’s the glorious part of the year where we can finally once again enjoy the seasonal flavours that have begun to share themselves with us. In farmer’s markets, roadside stands and in our own burgeoning garden plots, the jewelled tones of fresh rhubarb stalks, beg of us to indulge in its tangy-tart bite.


NHS helping you get an early start planting your garden

On Saturday members of the Newcastle Horticultural Society were out in full force outside the Newcastle Community Hall hosting their Spring Plant Sale. Ready to answer your questions and help you pick the perfect plant was (LtoR) Karen Delaney, Marie Speziale, Veronica Zachanowich, Bonnie McCraken, Narda Hoogkamp, Vicki Muscat and Wendy Westwood. On June 27 the NHS will be having their Summer Rose Show at the Newcastle Community Hall. Staging is from 6:15-6:45 and the meeting starts at 7:15. New members are welcome. For more information visit


Get your green thumb on

With the weather getting more settled for planting, Tom and Nellie Ruff (far left) were happy visitors to The Garden Path’s Open House on Saturday. On hand to answer questions and help you pick out the perfect plants were Jon and Scott Story; and Sandra who kept the orders and purchases straight.


Clarington Farmers Market returns to new location

Its officially ‘farmers market season’. Mother’s Day was opening day for the Clarington Farmers Market, open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from now until October. You will find the Clarington Farmers Market at their new location – Diane Hamre Recreation Complex, 1780 Rudell Road, in Newcastle.



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