May 10, 2023

It was all hands on deck at the Orono Horticultural Society’s Annual Plant Sale Fundraiser last Saturday. OHS members where available to help gardeners pick the right plant for their garden. The plants in the sale were donated from member’s gardens. The next general meeting of the OHS is May 25 at the Durham County Senior Citizens Lodge on Station Street in Orono. Guest speaker is Liz Case discussing Growing Veggies in Your Own Backyard. Doors open at 6:30.


Volunteers sweep away trash buildup

Saturday was a beautiful day in many respects for the town of Orono. Not only was the sun beaming down on the twenty-five plus volunteers who came to assist in the annual cleanup initiative, the streets, paths, gullies and ditches were cleared of much accumulated refuse. The group met at the Sydney B Rutherford Trailhead, and fanned out all over town, each person or group taking a specific location to beautify.


Is it real, or AI?

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) with the capability to quickly cull the internet to answer any question with fully formed sentences is having a seismic effect on many but will AI replace writers and journalists? Will the use of AI diminish our value in the long run?

I did my research and went right to the source — in this case, ChatGPT. When I asked it whether AI will replace writers and journalists, the answer was pretty much what I had anticipated. And conveniently, without the limitation of copyrighted content ownership, I’m able to offer the bot’s instantaneously generated response here, in its entirety:

While AI has advanced significantly in recent years, it is unlikely that it will completely replace writers and journalists. AI can certainly generate written content, but it is currently limited in its ability to produce writing that is truly creative, nuanced, and insightful. AI-generated content tends to be formulaic and lacks the depth of understanding and creativity that human writers bring to the table.


Firefighters receive a sensory education from Autism Home Base

Clarington Fire crews have new tools to support autistic community members. Communication and sensory processing differences present unique challenges for first responders supporting the growing number of neurodivergent and autistic residents. Clarington Fire and Emergency Services recently received new training and new sensory support kits to assist with these challenges.


Durham County Senior Citizens Lodge

When driving west of the village on Station Street, you will notice a sign saying “Durham County Senior Citizens Lodge.” Granted it is misleading because you may wonder where Durham County is or was. There is an explanation and a bit of interesting history around this site.


Unschooling – a different way of getting an education

In Ontario, the usual way for most children 4-18 years of age to learn is in a traditional school environment. It is sometimes referred to as the four ‘B’ system; buildings, buses, budgets and bot-toms-in-seats. Some families opt for home-schooling, which is often like running a classroom in the home, with an adult supervisor.


A generous donation

Newcastle Lions Club made a donation last week to the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation. The funds, from a Lions member’s trust were designated to the ophthalmology department of Bowmanville Hospital. Pictured is Isobel Peat, V.P. of the Bowmanville Hospital Foundation, Linda Bray, President of Newcastle Lions Club, and Bethany Dainton, Manager of Major Gifts and Planned Giving.



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