May 31, 2023

The history of Orono’s Drug Store is linked to the pharmacist-owners over the years. The brick building was erected by a merchant tailor named John Hendy Smale in 1859. Over the past 155 years only six pharmacist-owners have been linked to the building. James Henry and Bet-ti Stutt took possession of the drugstore in 1961. Today when you walk into Stutt’s Pharmacy you will see (seated) Marianna and Wenda, (standing) Shay, Sara, Lindsay and Fiona.


A case for conversation in a keystroke world

Texting has contributed to the lost art of talking on the phone. I think we’ve forgotten about how fantastic phone calls really can be. We mistakenly think texting can serve the same purpose. Alas, it cannot.

When there is no voice, there is no originality. You can’t copy and paste a telephone conversation. A phone conversation is one of a kind. It is a wildly rare and fabulously distinct jewel shared only by two people.

When there is no talking, there is no listening.
Be honest, do you really read texts. Or just skim them? And does a simple “lol” or “I get that” work as a sufficient response, depending on the gist of the conversation. You can’t skim a phone conversation. When you pay half attention during a phone conversation the person on the other end is quick to call you out. “Are you listening? Okay, then what did I just say?”

You won’t have the luxury of scrolling up the screen to find your answer. During a phone conversation there is less time to think, giving the conversation more honesty. When there is more calculation – like in a text, there is less candor. You may think you rock over text. Mastered the art of gifs, emojis and witty one-liners, but is any of that really you.


Museum 178

The word is out! We know that people are reading these columns each month because they are visiting our museum more and more, and they tell us where they read about us. Advertising pays.


Community continues to fundraise for Clarington Hospice

Q&L Financial Services presented Clarington Hospice – Clarington with a $1,300 donation from a yard sale they held at their office in Bowmanville. Pictured (L-R) Jill Richardson, Clarington Hospice; Mike Kelly, Q&L Financial Services; Leo Blindenbach, Clarington Hospice; Lisa James, Q&L Financial Services; Yvonne Kryzanowski and Marian Timmermans, Clarington Hospice. Update: Jeannette Van Der Vooren’s dance fundraiser last Friday night at The Wheelhouse in Wilmot Creek netted $1,945 for Clarington Hospice.



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