April 26, 2023

Marco had a smile for everyone at the Kendal Lions Pancake Breakfast on Sunday. He was enjoying serving up desserts and helping to tidy up, while learning the value of volunteering. A large crowd was on hand to devour the pile of pancakes and sausages and home made sweets. All proceeds support the Kendal Lions many community projects.


OCC Cleanup event: Let’s green up Orono

There was an amazing turn out at the Orono Community Collective’s public meeting held last Wednesday. It was wonderful to see some new faces. The meeting was held to recruit members, gather support and interest in organizing inclusive, community and family-oriented events in Orono.


Harnessing the power of poop

Welcome Spring. Happy Earth Day. We are very fortunate to have so many beautiful places to explore – the Orono Crown Lands, Waterfront Trail by Graham Creek, Samuel Wilmot Nature Area, to name a few. As a gentle reminder…we are all stewards of these lands.

So, what’s with flinging dog poop bags in the trees? Hanging them on fences? Thrown in the bushes? It’s simple – your dog poops you pick it up, if there isn’t a garbage bin for disposal, you take it home.

This past Saturday during the Earth Day cleanup volunteers pulled 40 bags of dog poop out of the bushes along Graham Creek. Seriously?

Dogs can harbor lots of viruses, bacteria and parasites — including harmful pathogens like e coli, giardia and salmonella. Studies have traced 20 to 30 percent of the bacteria in water samples from urban watersheds to dog waste. Pet poop that is left in yards, fields, parks and on sidewalks eventually ends up in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. It is carried there by spring run-off and heavy rainfalls, either directly or via storm sewers.


An excellent place to ‘return’ your empties

he Newcastle Lions Club’s Community Bottle Drive, which is located at Newcastle RONA, donated $10,826.44 to Durham Region Hospice – Clarington on April 13. (Back row) Lion Gary Wilson; Lion David Gibson; Jackie Nixon, Durham Region Hospice – Clarington; John Albi, RONA; Yvonne Kryzanowski; Lloyd Johnson; Lion Tom Simpson, Lion Sean Meehan, Lion Sierde DeJong and Councillor Willie Woo. (Front Row) Lion Linda Bray; Marian Timmermans, Durham Region Hospice – Clarington; Lion Helen Simpson and Jill Richardson, Durham Region Hospice – Clarington.


AMP Music Recital showcases future stars

Local [and Nashville resident] singer, songwriter and teacher Alexa Goldie held the 7th Annual AMP Music Recital at the Newcastle Community Hall Monday Night. Fifteen talented young performers delighted the audience. Front row (LtoR): Lexi McCarthy (ABCDE piano); Lilah McCarthy (Never Ever Getting Back Together guitar); Skylar Fagan (Stitches vocals); Olivia Mullins (World’s Smallest Violin vocals); Pippa Luciano (Into the Unknown piano); Norah Prescott-Smith (Believer piano); Violet Brown (Bohemian Rhapsody piano) and Tori Coombs (Gotta Catch’Em All piano). Back row (LtoR): Emery Ibbotson (Faded piano); Isabelle Landry (Runaway piano); Westlyn Whelan (Like My Father vocals); Erin Gardiner (The Rose Song vocals); Gracie MacLean (Speechless vocals); Alexa Goldie, Lyla Whelan (Haunted vocals) and Alexa McCauley (Young and Beautiful vocals/piano).


Raise funds, have fun too

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington’s annual 3-on-3 Road hockey tournament fundraiser takes place on Saturday, May 13, 2023. The fundraising event helps Big Brothers Big Sisters of Clarington provide mentoring programs to more than 500 children in the community on an annual basis. In addition to the traditional ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ matches, the organization provides several one to one and group mentoring programs in schools, as well as a six-week summer day camp.



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