March 29, 2023

Sunday was an amazing day to end the ski season with Brimacombe’s ceremonial Puddle Jump. Even though the sun was shining and the temperatures were balmy, the water was a chilly six degrees. Approximately 180 participants attempted to ski across what we affectionately call, ‘Lake Brimacombe’ with lots of cheering from the sidelines. The youngest puddle jumper there this year was five-years-old. There were fun costumes and antics were plenty.


Refugee family feels welcomed

On February 15, 2023 new Canadians Basel and Sultan settled into their new home in Newcastle. Last Wednesday the community welcomed them at a reception at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Orono. Basel is the younger brother of Ahmed, whose family was the first our community sponsored.


Community coming together

Imagine if you will…. a world where non-profit organizations and community groups had access to a big pool of community funds. Funds that were made available for events, community projects or to help those less fortunate. In one of my past lives this was an all too familiar reoccurring dream.

Raising money isn’t a skill most people come by naturally. And, it is much more difficult for volunteer run community groups. Volunteers often wear multiple hats and they don’t have a dedicated fundraising team. Just keeping the doors open or projects going can feel like a never-ending task.

Spring is affectionally know as the ‘unofficial start of fundraising season’. Community fundraising can be a fun way to raise awareness along with much needed funds for local causes.

Community based non-profit and volunteer organizations are important elements of our society, addressing the needs and interests of residents that the public and private sectors do not. I don’t think I am alone in saying non-profit organizations are more effective in delivering services than government agencies.


NHS meetings begin

Newcastle Horticultural Society held their meeting last Wednesday at the Newcastle Community Hall. Pictured from left to right: Eileen Perry, District 17 Director Debi Foster, Assistant District Director Robin Burns and Gloria Judd show off the gorgeous ranoculous roses which were presented to the attendees. A slide show featuring members garden pictures made us ready to grab our gardening gloves.


Lifting his way to a Canadian Championship

If you happened to catch a glimpse of Trevor Greenwood in your travels around the area, you’d likely say to yourself, ‘that guy must lift weights’. And you’d be absolutely correct. The 26-year-old Kendal resident does indeed lift weight, a lot of it! In fact, more than anyone in his category in his powerlifting division in Canada. At the recent national championships in British Columbia, Greenwood took gold in the 120 Kg open category.



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