March 15, 2023

March break was off to a good start for Alice (L) of Newcastle and Lucy of Orono. They were taking part in the ‘Explore Games’ activity offered by Clarington Public Library Museums and Archives, Newcastle Branch. Participants were able to play a variety of board games, in this case, the girls were engaged in a lively game of Blokus. It’s just one of many drop-in activities offered by CPLMA at the various branches. Hands on activities, art, a Teen Trivia Challenge and Teen Cafe as well as explorations into life under the sea or world of pirates, are among the many options available at the various branches all week. There is no cost for any of the programs, and all are drop-in unless specified. Visit for details of times and locations.


Council supports new school build

At Monday’s Council Meeting, it was resolved; that the Municipality of Clarington supports the KPRDSB’s funding request to the Ministry of Education for a K-12 school in Newcastle; and that this resolution be forwarded to the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, local MPP, David Piccini, and KPRDSB Clarington Trustees.


News Flash: It snows in Canada

After the recent storms, reports have been lighting up the air waves about snow plow drivers being verbally harassed and their trucks vandalized. One person going as far as opening a plow door attempting to pull the driver out.

It’s winter, we live in Canada… it snows. Getting the streets cleared as soon as possible is their job. I don’t like the pile that fills in the bottom of my driveway, but it happens. We haven’t seen such a dump the first week of March in a long time. Patience people. Snow removal crews were on duty at 4 a.m. – it takes time. And they are required to take a break after 13 hours of work. Now before you say “they should have two-shifts!” Has anyone stopped to think… maybe there aren’t any snow plow drivers? It’s one thing to drive a pick-up truck with a plow attached – but those big a** plows, not an easy task.


St. Francis’ Free-Throw Champions

Two girls from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School won! Brielle beat her com-petition by 10 points and Kennedy tied and went into a shoot out. She won by one point. Pictured with the girls are Knights Fred Horvath and John Bouwmeester. The K of C Free-Throw competition returned this year after a hiatus for COVID. Congratulations to the participants and organizers.


Orono Horticultural Club sign-up and first meeting

Join our Orono Horticultural Society at the Orono Senior Complex, 200 Station Street on March 23 for the kick off meeting featuring Shelley Etmanskie. Shelley is an experienced gardener for over thirty years, and she will show us the do’s and don’ts of starting your own seedlings. In Shelley’s words planting is addictive! Shelley has graciously donated seed packets containing an annual named Snow on the Mountain for each new member.



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