March 8, 2023

‘The All Star Crew’ (L to R) is Avery, Max, Ben, Norah and Elle finished second in Saturday’s Snowcastles of Newcastle building competition. The kids decided that if they won first place that they would donate the prize money (half to the Hospice and half to the Terry Fox Foundation). Meg Vandenbrink, mom of Avery and Norah, told the Times, “there were so many amazing castles, even though they came in second the kids were really excited. They were only disappointed to not be able to donate the winnings. Someone in the community (wanting to remain anonymous) was chatting with us during the day and knew of the kid’s intention to donate the winnings. On Saturday night ‘The All Star Crew’ got word that this individual donated $500 to the team, so the kids could still make their donations to both foundations. If this wasn’t amazing enough, a second person has donated another $500 to the team. So, they now have $500 to donate to both foundations. We are so thankful to live in such a wonderful and caring community!”


Hamlet zoning concerns

At Monday’s Planning and Development Meeting the Statutory Public Meeting the proposed draft plan of subdivision and zoning by-law amendment for George Burley Street, in Newtonville took place. The purpose of the meeting is to receive public comment prior to the municipality making a decision on whether not to approve the plan.


Present and in person

In the beginning when the pandemic hit and everything went virtual, it was questioned whether online council meetings were good for democracy. Now that everything has gone pretty much back to normal a precedent for meeting virtually has been set, along with the expectation [of many] to have this option.

Many companies and organizations still meet virtually – but should councillors have the option? Prior to changes in municipal law brought about by the pandemic, councillors had to be physically present in order to vote and maintain quorum — the number of members necessary for a council meeting to be considered valid (meetings lacking quorum must be suspended). The province has decreed that virtual meetings can continue, with electronic participation counting toward quorum.

What’s the difference?

I don’t think anyone would argue that virtual attendance has the potential to make local decision-making more accessible. However, there’s some kind of chemistry that takes place when you’re in the same room as somebody and you can see their body language and pick up on their inflections.


Snowcastles of Newcastle a full day of family fun – and lots of snow

The winning Snowcastles was created by the Hearl family of Leskard. Top: Andrew, holding Meredith, Kathryn, in front on Kathryn is Greyson and in front of Andrew is Avery. Presenting their winnings of $500 is Regional Chair John Henry.

Lily (L), Cecilia and Fin from Ridgeway Percherons, Port Hope, provided horse drawn wagon rides to many families last Saturday at the Snowcastles of Newcastle event.

Amanda, Julie and Maitlyn Tremeer were hard at work on their snowcastle early Saturday morning at the Gift of Art Snowcastles of Newcastle.


Country boy Frank Hill has come full circle

Newtonville Country Store owner and Mr. Pizza franchisee Frank Hill has travelled a long way to get to where he is now in his life. He has been many places and done many things, from early days in Newcastle and Newtonville, to the northern part of Ontario, to Oshawa, overseas and more recently outside of Millbrook, he has in a way, come home.


Celebrating local business women

Today is International Women’s Day. To celebrate and recognize downtown business women, the Orono Town Hall Board is hosting ‘Women on Main’. Tonight’s event is from 7-9 p.m. Everyone is welcome.
In a “Mainstream Canada” article dated, October 30, 1985 and featured in the pages of this paper, writer Tony Carlson asks readers to recognize the three-quarters of a million Canadian women in small and medium-sized businesses across Canada.


A welcome donation to Clarington Hospice from CNL

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories has very kindly donated $5,000 to Hospice Clarington on behalf of and recommended by their Ontario employees. This quite an unique donation. It was a 2021-2022 performance reward and the charity was selected by the local CNL staff. Susan Bailie, CNL Port Hope Team member and Newcastle resident, was excited to support a charity close to home. Pictured in back from left: Kirk Kemp, Leo Blindenbach, Jackie Nixon and Charles Ewert, DR Hospice-Clarington board members; and in front from left: Susan Bailie, CNL, Marian Timmermans, DR Hospice-Clarington board member, and Shernette Muccuth Henry, CNL Communications.



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