Making his list

As the days count down toward Christmas Eve, we can all surely envision the amped up frenzy underway at the North Pole. Elves are double checking their spreadsheets of lists submitted from children across the globe, cross-checking this with naughty and nice lists, and hoping that someday Santa will agree to install the new smart app that collates all this data and with the use of a handy algorithm, determines whether Johnny really deserves that sled, or if Jinny’s behaviour has merited that new doll.


Santa Claus – He is listening

Just in case you are a little skeptical about Santa Claus, I’m here to tell you he walks among us – sometimes. Other times he’s very busy. And no, he does not always wear that red suit. Only in December. Other times he’s in blue jeans and a sweatshirt, and you wouldn’t recognize him. But he’s listening.


Giving back – OAS donates to food drive

Photo Submitted by Shelby Dillon

The Orono Agricultural Society donated $1,000 to the Orono Firefighters Association’s 27th Annual Food Drive on Saturday. Pictured with OAS board president Shelby Dillon are Fire Fighter Brenton Wood and District Chief Steve Chad.



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