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And just like that, 2022 is coming to an end.
I am truly blessed.
Thank you to everyone for your continued support.
Thank you to our advertisers and subscribers, your investment keeps the presses rolling. We are four months into our fifth year, 85 years for the Orono Weekly Times. I’ve got my sights on celebrating 100 years, who’s with me? I believe I have a business model that works and continues to improve. The Orono Times is an excellent example (in my humble opinion) of everything that a community paper does and everything that can be lost when that paper is no longer there — a dire situation that is developing in an increasing number of communities. My relentless goal each year is to bring community together.


OPS students filling food bank shelves

Orono Public School students (LtoR) Jaxon S, Evan L, Gemma W and Georgia F where very proud of their school community with over 1,176 pounds of food collected for the Clarington East Food Bank. In total 1,454 items were donated. Mrs. Armstrong’s class won the pizza party with 226 donations, Ms. Richardson’s class came in second with 204 and Ms. Griffin’s class came in third with 186 donations.


CEFB receiving generous community support

Walking into the Clarington East Food Bank last Thursday, one will notice the shelves are full, as are the storage cupboards. The staff have been busy receiving, sorting and weighing the many donations that have been coming into the premises at 250 Mill Street South in Newcastle over the last several weeks.


Orono’s community Christmas tree

Aspen and Denver (front) and Levi and Noah are very excited that Christmas is very soon. They joined in the fun last Wednesday lighting Orono’s community tree at the Gazebo. Remember to add your favourite ornament to the tree.


Harvest dinner carolling

St. Saviour’s Anglican Church hosted their annual Harvest Dinner Sunday night. Guests gathered for pre-dinner caroling. Rev. Augusto Nunez performed Feliz Navidad acapella. Performers were Lloyd Johnson, guitar, Carol Bailey and Susan Sedlack on ukuleles, Marie Pedwell and Warren Tait.


Sally Barrie – Community health advocate

When we think of health care, we think of hospitals nurses and doctors, prescriptions. There are many more layers to our health care system, and advocacy is one of them. An advocate is described as a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.



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