September 21, 2022

Emily Dugas, an RVT at Orono Veterinary Hospital, and Pikachu her adorable pet Munchkin Sphinx, greeted Bow Wow Palooza visitors at their wildlife education display. Despite the inclement weather, for it’s inaugural event, it was a huge success.


Clarington – not a garbage dump

At Monday’s last council meeting for this session, Newtonville resident Andrew McVey brought some disturb-ing evidence to council on what the region is using in Phase 2 of a Pilot Project to use recycled waste materials in reconstruction of a section of Newtonville Road.


GRCA offering free membership extensions

Due to ongoing safety concerns, and evolving salvage and harvesting locations in the Ganaraska Forest, the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) will be limiting trail access to forest users with current and extended memberships only for the September 30 opening and until further notice.


Ask the questions

Monday night was the last council meeting of the current sitting council. With four weeks until the virtual polls open, campaigns will start to ramp up. Do you know your local candidates? You may or may not see candidates at your door. Door to door canvassing seems to be a thing of the past.

For a few weeks now many people have been asking if I have heard of any local debates. Nothing until about a week ago when I got an email inviting me to a mayor’s debate being held at the Tyrone Community Centre on October 13. Wonderful, for the four vying for the top job.

Debates among competing electoral candidates are important. Sure ‘Meet and Greets’ are a way for constituents to ask questions and get to know their candidates, but they are usually hosted by a candidate, on their turf. It’s highly unlikely their challenger [or challengers] will be there and usually attendees are supporters anyway.


Newcastle Lions boost Hospice coffers

On Monday, Newcastle and District Lions Club donated $10,500 to Durham Hospice – Clarington. Durham Hospice is hoping to have shovels in the ground on Cobbledick Road this coming spring. Pictured from left tin front: Gary Watson, Heather Griffin, Tom Simpson, Helen Simpson, Gary Bray, Jill Richardson, Betty Smith, Linda Bray, Jackie Nixon, Greg For-get. In back: Warren Tait, Dave Gibson, Norm Smith, Willie Woo and Leo Blindenbach.


Archives: Town Hall Events

A Town Hall sometimes get a reputation as a fusty, staid building – a place of unexciting, official business such as licensing and permits, or of fiduciary unpleasantness such as taxes, parking tickets, and the like. The Orono Town Hall however has cemented itself over the years as a hub of fun and excitement in our local community; a place where money spent comes often with an exciting reward. For many years, the Orono Times has been reporting on numerous events that have taken place within the hallowed hall, many with a wider reaching impact than just that of an evening of entertainment.


Community gathers to raise money for cancer research

Newcastle resident Farrah Kennedy and friend Lola completed the run together. Farrah, a cancer survivor, was running on behalf of herself and her grandparents. Lola was running for her mom.

Steve and Tori Kay, organizers of this year’s run, were very pleased with the turnout Sunday morning.

Firefighters from Station 1 Bowmanville and Station 2 New-castle were on hand at the Terry Fox run last Sunday to hand out some cool goodies to young runners, walkers and cyclists. Pictured l to r, Captain Phillip Jordan, Christine Pilon, Curtis Pehlemann, Katelyn Shields and Captain Tom Christie.


Ivan Allin – Thunderbirds and tractors

We are back on the seemingly never-ending Newtonville road. Out here there are never ending farms of fields, and a never-ending stream of stories to go along with the never-ending farms. The Allin farm is on the west side north of the fifth concession.



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