Here we go

With election signs popping up this weekend you can bet we will start to see more of our incumbent council and council hopefuls. Nothing brings out a politician like an election. Remember, those elected will shape the physical and fiscal realities of our communities. Those elected affect how we experience our communities every day. Choose wisely.

Despite the huge impact of municipal government, the percentage of people who participate in the regular workings of local democracy is extremely low. Increasingly each year fewer residents vote and far fewer attend public information meetings or provide input. Many people do not know what local government does or how they can affect decisions.

It’s a common platform narrative ‘I will improve community engagement’.

Saying it doesn’t make it so.


Kendal Lions Sunflower Fest 2022

Top: Tanya Stutt and Sara Souch.
Right: Last Saturday was a fabulous day for the Lions 3rd Annual Sunflower Fest. Entrants pictured in the back row from left to right are Keith Wood, Karen Christopher, Carol Robinson, Gord Whealy, Dorothy Longyear, Alice Scott, Shirley Robinson, Marilyn Ransberry. Front Row: Angie Austin, Albert Munneke and on the wagon organizer Ron Robinson. Winner for tallest sunflower was Stirling Lion Hugh Hoard. Sara Souch took home the accolades for largest sunflower head and Carol Robinson won best arrangement.


Sir Seth and Sir Ollie make a comeback

If you’re driving home at any hour of the day to Wilmot Creek in Newcastle, and you hear guffaws coming from one of the homes in the quiet seniors’ community, rest as-sured all is well. It’s just Richard Thake, local author and creator of the Sir Seth Thistlethwaite series of children’s books writing his latest instalment. And he’s really enjoying himself.


Sheikh Hossain

For Clarington resident Sheikh Hossain, running for KPR trustee is something he feels compelled to do. Born in Bangladesh, Hossein emigrated to Canada and has been an Ontario resident for the last 31 years. The York University graduate with a B.A. in economics is raising three children who attend the public school system, so he has some clear ideas on how he wishes to enact change in KPR.


Pranay Gunti

Rookie candidate, Pranay Gunti believes that “people with diverse education backgrounds and areas of expertise bring innovation to the table to achieve best results in public education.”



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