May 31, 2022

Clarke High School students representing grades 9-12, along with Sgt. Sigmann (l), PC Jones from DRPS and Amanda Langille Child and Youth Worker (left front) get ready to stuff the cruiser with food. The students rose to a challenge to Durham schools from ‘Feed the Need’, to collect food and hygiene items for those in the region experiencing food insecurity. Students stuffed the trunk and backseat of the cruiser with 225lbs of items. Student council Prime Minister Claire Stone was so pleased with the student response that she states, “we hope to do this again next year.”


Recalling summer jobs

No one ever forgets their first summer job. My youngest – who just finished his first year of university – online, has just landed his first ‘he got it himself’ summer job.

Technically it isn’t his first job. Last summer he worked for his dad and he has done stuff for me at the paper, but working for [with] your parents isn’t the same as being ‘out in the real world’. Do people still say that? Whether it began in high school or later, that first taste of making your own earned money is a memorable experience.

Remembering that first summer job can be cringe-worthy, as we remember how we tried maneuvering our way through an unfamiliar work environment while also being under the coaching of ‘scary bosses’. They were the first step to our movement into the world of employment.


Summer Road Trips and the TransCanada Highway

“Are we there yet?”
“One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer…”
“I told you to use the bath-room before we left!”
“Are we there yet?”
“Mom, he’s bugging me…” “Punch Buggy yellow. OW…. I was going to say no punchbacks!!” “Are we there yet?”
“That car’s from Montana. That one’s from Alberta.”


At least someone benefited!

The big cats who reside at Jungle Cat World are most grateful to the area residents for their donation of over 10 big boxes of raw meat. One person’s loss is another person’s gain as they say. Christa Klose, owner of the popular attraction along with her husband says, “there was a short window of time when we could use it and that it would be fresh enough, it’s amazing that people thought of us.”


Judith Alexis – 3 Little Birds Farm

Most people enjoy a pretty flower garden, or a gift of flowers to display on our table. A gift of flowers is not just for apologies. They can brighten our day or let us know that friends are thinking of us. Some of us grow flowers as a hobby. It has been said that life is a flower.



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