June 29, 2022

Brother and sister, Chris and Katie Schierholtz were able to have a formal dedication on June 19 for their mother’s wish of having a bike repair station in the Port of Newcastle. Ellen Jones, an avid cyclist, passed away in 2020. The repair station was installed in December 2021. The plaque reads “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you have to keep moving.”


Don’t be fooled

Scams. Some are obvious, others are questionable and some you wouldn’t give them a second thought.

But this one. Sometimes great news is just a scam. I would like to warn our readers – actually anyone who has had a story about them in any newspaper, about a US-based company that is approaching individuals who have had stories in Canadian papers. They are taking advantage of unsuspecting people and this is happening here in our community.

How it works is that once a story appears in the news-paper, the person is contacted with an offer to purchase a plaque with the story and newspaper’s logo at the top. That’s Great News but it comes at your expense – prices start at $199.

I did some digging and TGN and their tactics are legendary throughout North America. That’s Great News is a company located at 900 Northrop Road, Walling-ford, CT. The company has subscriptions with newspapers [not the Orono Times] and they read through them to find names of individuals in the community. Once it tracks down one of the people mentioned, it sends them a sales pitch, offering a plaque that has the story mount-ed on it.


Live from Newcastle it’s ‘Tuesday Night’

The Lakeshore New Horizons Band entertained at the Newcastle Community Hall gazebo on Tuesday evening. The notes from Brian Munro’s alto sax playing Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust” floated beautifully through the village. Concerts run every Tuesday starting at 7:00p.m. – rain or shine, bring your lawn chair and make yourself comfortable.


A look back at early commerce in Newcastle

Two important anniversaries are being celebrated in Newcastle this year. The 40th anniversary of the incorporation of the Historical Society, and the 100th anniversary of the building of the Community Hall. Both anniversaries are important milestones in our community.


More on attracting ‘special’ birds to your yard

At the end of April, I wrote my column about attracting/feeding some ’special’ species to your yard in the form of Baltimore Oriole and Ruby-throated Hummingbird. I did not have space to address a few others, not the least of which is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I thought perhaps I would write about them next Spring.


Newcastle Junior golf champions heading to Ireland

Later on this summer, two young men from Newcastle, 15-year-old Jaiden Brown and 17-year-old Dylan Clarey, along with family members, will be winging their way over the ocean to take part in a three-day international Junior golf tournament in Northern Ireland. The road to clinch-ing these coveted invitational spots in a worldwide field of 250 golfers was not easy, so the Orono Weekly Times reached out to the boys to find out just how they qualified.


Local wine is ready

Sid and Mary Rutherford’s homestead on Ganaraska Road has taken on a new chapter. The farm house and property have quite a history. Natasha and Philip Lawrence have lived at the property for almost 10 years and it was important to them to do something from an agricultural perspective.



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