May 25, 2022

Last Saturday the Newcastle Business Improvement Association (BIA) held a Perogies for Ukraine Fundraiser with proceeds donated to the Ukrainian Congress Humanitarian Appeal. With 1200 perogies made – 600 were pre-ordered and 600 walk-ups they were sold out by noon. Pictured from left to right are: Sharon Spires, Angela Booth, Keira Rowsell, Tracey Yates, Janeen Rowsell, David Malleau and Marni Lewis. Watch for details on the Newcastle Village Facebook page on the next Perogies for Ukraine Fundraiser coming soon.


Hospice update

It’s been a while since we had an update on Clarington Hospice. Last fall the board was optimistic that the ‘shovel would be in the ground’ this spring.


Affordability top issue

Food costs are rising faster than inflation and healthy food may be getting out of the reach for many. What’s definitely not helping are skyrocketing gas prices and housing costs. Over the last two years, more people than ever have struggled to meet their basic needs.

The decisions our provincial government makes have a daily impact on our lives – our access to health care, schooling, jobs, social assistance – to name a few. The two top issues seem to be affordability and food insecurity.

Historically, every level of government has relied heavily on the charitable sector to address the immediate symptom of food insecurity which is hunger. This has taken the form of food pantries, community meals and food hamper programs. These community initiatives are incredible, as they rely primarily on volunteer labour and donations. However, this also makes sustainability extremely difficult.


Farming is a family tradition

Driving by a farm on Regional Road 42, bordering Bowmanville and Orono, the scene is pastoral and peaceful, belying the hive of activity going on just out of one’s line of vision. At the centre of it all are brothers Chris and Nick Mulders, owners and operators of the aptly named CN Produce. Their 105-acre farm operation supplies over four million pounds of potatoes and seven acres worth of asparagus to businesses and wholesale customers locally and throughout Ontario.


Stray Feathers: My Early Years

I hasten back to about 1953, age 11 years while ambling about the forest at my uncle’s farm near Shannonville, Ont. On weekends, I loved to go fishing with my father, and one of our favourite spots was there, on the Salmon River. Part of the farm bordered on the river and consisted of about 60 acres of mature mixed forest.


Kivor Notton – Quiet times

Off the main track of the busy little village of Newcastle is a small quiet court. This is the perfect place for a quiet older gentleman to reside in peace and quiet with his dog, Deeta, the wannabe service dog, turned companion.


Dinner just like your grandma used to make

On Wednesday, May 18 we welcomed back a community favourite. The Orono Unit-ed Church Ham and Salad Dinner was prepared and-served by (from left to right): Laurie Heard, Ruth Gray, Janet Rutherford, Viola Vanderveen, Charlene Perrin, Kelly Boulianne and Joan Moffat. In total 89 dinners were sold raising $1780.00. A big Thank you from the church to everyone for their support. The dinner was offered as a drive-by pick up or dine-in at the Oddfellows/Rebekah Centre, which was enjoyed by 13 guests.


Through the Archives: Ontario Elections

With a provincial election set for June 2 and the advance polls now open, we are once again opening the Orono Times archives to look at provincial elections of the past. Looking back, we can see that if there are trends to note, they would be the earnestness in which candidates approach their role, the appeal to voters to use their right to vote, and the inevitably of change – though sometimes slow to happen.



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