February 23, 2022

It may be hard to believe that spring is 25 days away! On Saturday, the Orono Horticultural Society kicked off their 2022 membership drive. Pictured are Beryl Clark, treasurer, Joan Osmok, director and Carol Bailey, vice-president. Membership is only $10/person or $15/household (2 people). The perks of membership are endless. In addition to the wealth of information you will have at your fingertips, there are 10 local businesses that give member discounts of up to 15 per cent for gardening supplies. To renew or register a new membership you can call Beryl at 905-983-5591 or email [email protected] Be sure to visit and follow the OHS Facebook group @oronohortsociety to get all the society’s news.


Join the fun – in-person

Get ready to take part in a variety of programs being offered at the Orono Town Hall for the next six weeks. Quilting, fitness, chair yoga and euchre enthusiasts are welcome to participate with qualified instructors running the classes. A nice fringe benefit is that for the duration of this session, these programs are free of charge, all materials included.


See Clarington and have fun in Allies for Autism Car Rally

In recognition of World Autism Day held on April 2, Autism Home Base is hosting Allies for Autism Car Rally fundraiser. “This is the third year in a row that we weren’t able to hold our gala, our traditional fundraiser,” says Judy Hanson, CEO, Autism Home Base Durham. “So, we’ve had to get creative, although right now COVID restrictions are loosening up a little bit.


Community will come through

Imagine a world where non-profit/charity organizations and community groups had access to a big pool of community funds. Funds that were made available for events, community projects or to help those less fortunate.

Raising money isn’t a skill most people come by naturally. And, it is that much more difficult for volunteer run community groups. They don’t have a dedicated fundraising team and volunteers wear multiple hats. Just keeping the doors open or projects going, can feel like a never-end-ing task. And then…throw in a pandemic.

When non-profit/charities are unable to deliver services and programs, and can’t keep up to the demand, it means that some individuals don’t receive the support they need. Demand is expected to continue to increase in the coming months, as people start to re-engage with their communities.


Bringing local products to one place at Clark Meats

Residents of Newcastle have enjoyed the one stop shopping experience at Clark Meats on King Avenue East for most of the 2000’s. Owners Jenn and David Clark, of Clark Cattle in Newtonville, established their presence in their current location in 2001, starting small with the fresh meat counter, supplied by their farm, and steadily growing until they now offer a wide variety of products from local sources.


They made it!

Natasha Van Goor, staff member at the Newcastle downtown store ‘We Made It’, was delighted to receive recognition from the municipality celebrating their one year anniversary. Congratulations.


The Business of Feeding Wild Birds

Back in October 2021, I wrote about feeding winter birds. As a result of questions from a few readers, I conducted some research on the subject of costs. While there were internet sites that provided piecemeal information, the one I found most interesting was a 2016 report based on surveys conducted here in Canada and in the USA.



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