January 19, 2022

Excuse me but I thought the forecast called for 8-10 cm of snow? An intrepid dog named Starr and her friend attempt to maneuver the drifts of snow that amounted to nearly 60 cm by the time Monday evening rolled around. Where’s a girl suppose to pee?


O’Toole returns to the airwaves

There is something happening in the basement of the Orono century home owned by Dan O’Toole. The 46-year-old former television sports journalist, after reaching the top in his field, experienced a career reversal about a year ago. Instead of harbouring resentment, he has started out on a new venture, and is inviting people to come along for the ride.


Community Care Durham launches Nurse Consultation Program

Nursing checks will help people at home and prevent any unnecessary hospital visits

As hospitals and paramedics grapple with the increasing number of COVID-19 patients requiring care, Community Care Durham (CCD) is launching a Nurse Consultation Program and reassigning staff to support vital programs and services.


Snowy attitude

Well Monday was a ‘day’. Did you hunker down at home? In the wake of nearly 60 cm of snow the return to in-person learning was disrupted and it looks like today [Tuesday] is another snow day.

As today is production day [it is currently 8:15 a.m.] I really hope my street is plowed soon – it hasn’t seen a blade yet.

Coincidentally, January 17 was Blue Monday. Is it really a thing? Generally reported as falling on the third Monday in January. Concocted as a marketing ploy, Blue Monday was said “to be the most depressing day of the year.” A UK travel company, Sky Travel, published the concept in a 2005 press release claiming they calculated the date using an ‘equation’.


Lincoln Alexander was a notable Ontarian who broke many boundaries

Born of Caribbean immigrant parents in Toronto, in 1922 Alexander had a modest start to life. In an era when opportunities for Black people remained few, his father worked as a train porter for the Canadian Pacific Railway and his mother worked as a maid. When he was still young his parents separated and he spent time living in Harlem with his mother. It was here that he encountered some strong role models, and he resolved to build himself a better life to that of his parents.


Black History Month Celebration in Durham Region

Mark your calendar. February 1 is the exciting virtual celebration of Black History Month in Durham Region. The “Together We Rise Durham” Black History Month Committee is hosting a live panel discussion that will celebrate Black achievements and focus on local health-care heroes.


Additional sanitary sewage treatment plant capacity for Newcastle

The Regional Municipality of Durham is holding a virtual Public Information Centre (PIC) from January 11 to February 11 to provide an update on the amendment to the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) Class Environmental Assessment (EA). Public consultation is required on the proposed solutions to provide additional sanitary sewage treatment plant capacity at the Newcastle WPCP.



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