January 26, 2022

Helping with snow shovelling can be fun when you are little. Oliver makes a break away while Everly and Emmett takes a breather. Judging by the smiles on their faces, they don’t mind moving the 60 cm of snow that blanketed their driveway.


In praise of ‘third places’

I think for most children the coolest thing to have in the winter is your own outdoor skating rink. Its right there in your yard. Very cool.

However, some yards aren’t big enough or flat enough. And they can be a lot of work. The next best thing? An out-door rink in your local park. Outdoor skating rinks have been a blessing during winter lockdowns.

A neighborhood, outdoor skating rink provides that “third place,” as described by Ray Oldenburg, an urban sociologist. In his book, “The Great Good Place,” Oldenburg writes about the importance of informal, public gathering places. He believes “Life without community has produced, for many, a lifestyle consisting mainly of a home-to-work-and-back-again shuffle. Social well-being and psychological health depend upon community and the ‘third places’.” Whether in an urban city center or suburban neighborhood, an ice rink is a ‘third place’ where like-minded people can socialize and connect.


The locals: Bill Skitch – Music man

If you are meandering around Mill Street South in Newcastle, any Wednesday afternoon, and hear music, you may wonder is this Just My Imagination? No, its not. Upon more investigation you may be invited to Sing, Sing, Sing with that crowd in the garage behind the Veenstra constructed house with the wish-ing well.


Where were you when the snow came down?

Monday January 17 is a day still fresh in the minds of residents and businesses. An epic snowfall of approximately 60 centimetres, or roughly two feet descended on our fair towns, hamlets and villages. The Orono Weekly Times caught up with a few folks who consented to share their experiences.



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