October 6, 2021

Carrie Vanderstarre and Buttons joined the 27th Annual Lions Walk for Guide Dogs on Saturday. This was Carrie and Button’s first year participating. Team Buttons took on the 4k walk and raised $392.00. Lion Linda Curran welcomed walkers at the registration table.


Canada honours Autism in October

Autism Home Base is hosting Durham Region’s watch party of the 7th Annual Canadian Autism Leadership Summit (CALS) on Wednesday, October 6, one of the largest autism related conferences in Canada. Fostering dynamic discussions, CALS2021 will continue advancing the development of a National Autism Strategy.


Supporting local news

It’s National Newspaper Week! Thank you to our subscribers, to our advertisers, to everyone who picks up
a paper from time to time and to those who share their story. Local newspapers play an essential role in keeping communities informed, engaged, and thriving by delivering credible, authentic news and information that cannot be found anywhere else.

[I may be a bit biased] I think newspapers are the glue that keeps communities connected. They are crucial players in the local economies where they operate.

Why does original, local content matter? It allows Canadians from all walks of life to tell their stories and feel heard, while creating a sense of togetherness in communities. Independent reporting newspapers provide an essential public service.


Navigating OCL now easier

Orono Crown Lands volunteers have improved the stairs from the rail bed (both sides) down to the creek. A rope railing and 20 new steps were added. Pictured is OCL volunteer James Piskovski.

Photo Submitted by John Windatt


Clarington Farmers Market open until Halloween

Kent Farms offered pumpkins of every size, with lots of decorating ideas. There are a few to choose from if you have room.

Diane Higgs and Patricia Windatt encouraged shoppers to join the Bowmanville Garden club.

It was a bit damp but that didn’t stop Anne Delong and Mike Cole entertaining the market on Sunday. Beautiful harmonies brightened the day.

Balloon man Mark Verge created Mackenzie a pink octopus and Logan is waiting to see what that green thing will be.


27th Annual Walk for Dog Guides

Lion Linda Curran presented a donation from the Wilmot Creek Homeowners Association for $7550.00. Most of which came from a bottle drive, $250 was a cash donation. Lion Jim Barchard presents Linda Curran with the Lions International Foundation Melvin Jones Fellow award for all the work she has done for the Newcastle & District Lions Walk for Dog Guides.

Lion Jean Graham is pictured with Romeo, her 27th foster. Graham has been fostering puppies for the Dog Guides program for 29 years.

In October 2020 Alex met Stanley his Autism Assistance Support Dog. The Kendal Lions sponsored Stanley through the Lions Foundation of Canada (Dog Guides). After a year with Stanley, Alex fills me in on how Stanley helps him. “He helps me when I’m sad, he cheers me up. And when I’m scared, he comes on the bed with me. It was quite hard when I didn’t have him. It changed my whole life,” said Alex. “His hugs calm me down.” Alex’s father Scott says Stanley has made a big difference. “Just to see the calmness and how he reacts in a social gathering. He’s got more confidence. And just to see that bond.”



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