September 15, 2021

Callum Puterbough won second prize for the tallest sunflower at Saturday’s Crop Expo held at the Durham Farmers Co-Op in Orono. Puterbough also took home first prize for most unusual sunflower and first prize for biggest pumpkin.


Only one store for Newtonville

At Monday’s Joint Committee meeting Clarington Council voted 5 to 1 against staff’s recommendation to approve Darryl Kerswell’s application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit commercial uses, including a general store and eating establishment on his property at 4504 Highway 2 in Newtonville.


Newcastle Lions Walk for Guide Dogs

“I said as long as we can organize it in a way where we can socially distance and wear masks behind the booth, I don’t see why we can’t run the event this year,” says Jim Barchard, former president of the Newcastle Lions Club.


Toeing the party line

Who will be the next Prime Minister? In five days, that question will be answered. Well, it might be answered. Hopefully we will know within the week. In a federal election do you vote for the candidate or for a political party? Unlike in a municipal election – and to some degree the provincial election, voting party over the person is usually the case leaving local candidates with little influence. In the election candidates mostly go unnoticed. A federal campaign is comprised of roughly 2,000 people across the country who put their names on the ballot in one of 338 electoral districts. These individuals are representatives of party interests. We really never know if they have opinions that differ from their parties or what their policies are on local issues.


Poor road condition a safety risk

Residents living on Concession Road 10 are getting fed-up with the condition of their road (just east from 35 hwy). Numerous calls over the years to the municipality have made no impact. Home owners say it is a safety issue with trucks flying over the hill, one was almost hit making her way down the uneven, bumpy terrain. Culverts are constantly blocked due to the loose gravel. For all the patching done, locals say it could have been resurfaced.


Second annual Co-op Crop Expo a hit once again

1. George Sikma, 1st Place Class 5, 3 Soybean Plants
2. The lunch ladies from (L to R) April Moore, Cathy Holmes, Marny Thertell-Barrie & Katie Firlotte
3. Landon, Paige and Brooklyn DeVries won 1st Place in the Best Decorated Pumpkin Class
4. Lovely veggie entries
5. Bethesda Ridge, 1st Place Class 6, Wheat and 2nd Place Class 6, Barley
6. Class 4, 6 Cobs of Grain Corn: 1st Place Bethesda Ridge; 2nd Place Willdina Farms; and 3rd Place Will & Maria DeVries.
7. Tom Barrie is seen here judging the corn stalks.


Orono Fair weekend COVID style – another success

Susan Pascoe, Clarington East Food Bank coordinator accepts the donations gathered from Saturday’s Fireworks Celebration from Orono Fair board members Shelby Dillon, Minne Wiersma and Todd Graves.
Saturday was a lovely night for fireworks.
Orono Firefighters collection donations.

Lawn and Scarecrow Decoration Winners
1st Place Lawn Decoration, Heather Qualtrough
1st Place Scarecrow, Suzanne Robinson
2nd Place Scarecrow, Maisie Colville
2nd Place Lawn Decoration, Beth Meszaros
3rd Place Scarecrow, Jasper Rainford
3rd Place Lawn Decoration, Bonnie Wilson


Orono Town Hall ready to host your event

The Orono Town Hall’s doors were open on September 9 for all to preview the newly upgraded facility.
New elevator at street level and elevator leaving from the basement.
Looking for a place to hold a family event? The hall supplies what you need, you bring the food and drink. And guess what? They clean up!
Orono Firefighters fired up the bbq and cooked dinner with proceeds to support the community.


A community’s gratitude to local farmers

This past Sunday, Newcastle Community Events organized the Clarington Farmer’s Equipment Past & Present Drive-by 2021. A number of local farmers took to the streets in their tractors to spread the message of thanks to the men and women and their families who provide us with fresh food. Some of the tractors in the drive-by were vintage, others of more recent construction. By way of encouragement, Thomas the Tank Engine brought up the rear.



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