September 8, 2021

John Bouwmeester, community volunteer, lends a hand sprucing up the Orono Town Hall gar-dens last week in time for this Thursday’s Grand re-opening and the Orono Firefighter’s barbeque. The hall’s new accessible washroom and elevator are both in service. The community is looking forward to the many events that will take place in the upgraded venue.


Santa and Mrs. Claus visit Newtonville

Jingle Bells jingled all the way over the Ina Brown Parkette on Sunday night. Lloyd Johnson and his band of merry makers entertained the socially distanced crowd, some with tambourines to accompany the band, and all just ready to have a good time.


The Caregivers’ Club Family Relief Fund

In 2018 Cynthia Banks, freelance writer, director/producer premiered The Caregivers’ Club a candid, intimate portrait of family caregivers for loved ones with dementia, over a one-year period. It is a compelling and cautionary tale that is only just beginning for an entire generation.


Back to school

Ontario students returned to the classroom this week with remote learning continuing to be an option. On August 3 the province confirmed in its official back-to-school strategy — but the plan was thin on details about how schools will manage COVID-19 cases and outbreaks. Education Minister Stephen Lecce has been laying low since the early August press conference.

The plan is as close to ‘normal’ as I think we’re going to get. Expect much of what we are used to – staff and students Grade 1 and up must wear masks in indoor settings, with exceptions such as during meal breaks and low-contact physical activities. Self-screening is still required before coming into school facilities.


Autism Home Base picnic in the park

On August 31 Autism Home Base held their annual Summer Picnic at the Orono Park. They were celebrating the wrap up of a successful Summer Palooza program. Brett W finding out how not to catch a water balloon! A social hub for autistic adults and the people who love them. The Hub is located at 132 Church Street, 2nd Floor, in Bowmanville.


Successful fundraiser for Sick Children’s hospital

“I just finished treatment for Osteoporosis a couple weeks ago after two years of getting infusions,” says Hope Cleveland, a 13-year-old Bowmanville Highschool Student and patient at Sick-Kids Hospital, who sold masks outside her home in Newcastle on Sunday to try and raise money for Sick-Kids.


Elections through the archives: 1970s

The furor of Trudeaumania that ushered out the 60s, slowly began to subside in the early years of the 1970s. As they are wont to do, after all, stars fade. Throughout the next decade, Trudeau Mania ran its course and was replaced by a humble, unassuming newcomer as Prime Minister, while an Oshawa man appeared on the scene to lead a party struggling to burst from the shadows.


Sweet memories of Orono Fair’s gone by

Lean in to your imagination and use your senses to bring back memories of fair days in Orono. Sniff the heavenly aroma of fresh-popped, hot popcorn; listen for the excited shrills of those spinning through the air, and; delight in the mega-watts of coloured bulbs flashing and strobing around you.



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