September 1, 2021

On Monday, August 30, proprietors Nancy Dowson (L) and Jody Reid celebrated their grand opening of their holistic spa Calm Surrender, new to Main Street in Orono. The facility was open for bookings and guests were welcome to tour this unique space.


You are invited

Submitted by the Orono Horticultural Society

At last, we are able to share one of our events with you. On Saturday, September 11, from 2-4 p.m. in the Butter-cup Hollow (Orono Park) we will be dedicating a ‘Freeman Maple’ to celebrate our 100th Anniversary. Please join us. We will have a short ceremony with dignitaries, followed by some refreshments and entertainment.


What’s important to you?

What is at stake for you personally in this election? Will the results have a big impact on your life?

In a recent Angus-Reid poll of 1,692 decided voters – two in five say a lot is at stake, whereas one-quarter believe there is nothing or not very much at stake.

The key issues [from this poll]: three-quarters of Canadians rank transparency and honesty in the federal government a six or seven on a seven-point scale when it came to issues they care about personally. Health care, often an issue Canadians highlight as a top one facing the country, was second, while climate change, another consistently top issue, was fifth.

If governments were to put human development at the centre of their policies, how might things change? Our most basic needs are physiological — air, water, food, shelter and clothing. Without meeting basic physiological needs, we cannot survive. It makes sense that the first responsibility of governments is to ensure everyone’s basic needs are met.


Fantasy Week Camp at The Art Room

The summer camps are now over. The picture above is from last week’s Fantasy Week. Judy called this the ‘Orono Group’ as there were six families, five of which had two siblings attending. The kids are all friends, and they enjoyed their camp experience.

Photo Submitted by Judy Metcalf, The Art Room


4H – A proud history

Head, Heart, Hands, Health. Otherwise known as 4H, has been around for over 100 years, and with a long and proud history in our region. With their motto, “Learn to Do by Doing”, 4H believes in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities.


Clarington Cycle Club wheels through Orono

“We started out at the beautiful Buttercup Hollow Park in Orono and then biked in a big loop around the village enjoying the hills and dales that took us past forests and farms. Thanks to Clarington the roads are in pretty good shape for our group to safely tour the area. CCC ended up shopping and enjoying snacks on the handy benches located downtown.”

Photo Submitted by Terry Kelsey



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