September 29, 2021

Pictured left to right: Volunteer District Chief Steve Chad, Volunteer Captain Mike McKelvie and the man of the hour Volunteer Captain Harold Lamers, prepare to dig into the treats as they honour Lamers for his 35 years of dedicated service.


Hospice a vital support

Every day we are getting closer to the shovel going into the ground, closer to having a residential hospice in Clarington, in Newcastle. For those who may not think this is important, you never know if or when you will need one.

Hospice holds a special place in my heart. In 2005 I worked for Durham Hospice, shortly after it was rebranded to Hospice Durham when it amalgamated with North Durham Hospice. At that time hospice was a volunteer home visiting program providing care and support. Programs offered through hospice helped people remain in control and die at home. The goal of hospice then and today, is to improve a person’s quality of life during their last months. Hospice focuses on comfort care, control of pain, and symptom management.

It was amazing to be a part of this organization. My title was Promotion and Awareness Coordinator.


Terry’s legacy endures despite COVID

Saturday, September 18 the Running Maniacs Clarington ran their Virtual Terry Fox Run sporting previous years shirts. Pictured front row from left: Spiros Tompros, MaryAnne Sleeman, MaryAnn Maye, Jane Turner, Yvonne DeJager and Lise Johnson. Back row from left: Lynn Larmer, Christine Tomsia, and Paul Garratt. To find out more about the group visit Facebook Running Maniacs Clarington and Port Hope or email [email protected]


Clarington home to many British Home Children

The British Home Children arrived in Canada between 1869 and 1948, with the promise of leaving behind marginalized and impoverished conditions in the United Kingdom for a better life in Canada. When Britain, and then Can-ada entered the First World War many of those British Home Children who retained a sense of connection and loyalty to their homelands, both new and old, enlisted in the Canadian military.


Hospice donations continue to flow from local sources

Susan Sellers, presented a $1000.00 cheque to Durham Region Hospice – Clarington, on Wednesday, September 15 in memory of her late husband Dean Sellers.

Gordon Jilks was a dedicated Lion for many years before his death. He left the Lions Club funds to be used as they saw fit. The $25,000 donation was “something Gord would have wanted,” said Lion Greg Forget.


Stray Feathers: Once gone, they’re gone forever

Readers will have to excuse me for having a passion for wildlife and our quality of life…. always have, always will! Today, we are witness to the largest extinctions world-wide since the disappearance of the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. Here in Ontario alone, we have 245 species of plants and animals at risk. Loss or decline of species affects the function and resilience of food webs.



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