‘Deja vu all over again?’

Could we be finally seeing a light at the end of this pandemic? Again.
A year ago, this week to be exact – as we approached summer, more provinces were starting to reopen, compelling people to figure out their own methods of risk assessment in their daily lives. At that time the key to responsibly reopening your life was understanding what makes you and those around you more or less safe at any given moment. Instead of the colour coded plan, we are now on a Road-map. We will enter Step 1 of the Roadmap on Friday, June 11 at 12:01 a.m. Bring on summer – slowly.


Local legend turns 100

Whether you’re one of the thousands who came each year to cut your own Christmas tree at Henderson’s Christmas Tree Farm on Metcalfe Road, or maybe you were lucky enough to play on the hockey team in Orono sponsored by Henderson Electric, proudly wearing the Henderson Electric hockey sweater. Perhaps you’re old enough to be one of many lo-cals who have had your home wired by Trueman Henderson (first with 60 amp service in the 1950’s, then 100 amp, then 200 amp service).


As good as a parade!

Nash, 5 and his cousin Emmett, 5 were so impressed when James brought his Champion grader over to show them. Heavy equipment operators are scarce these days so maybe Nash and Emmett will follow James’ example when they grow up.



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