May 26, 2021

Grace Powless, centre, came up with the idea of holding a lemonade/bake sale fundraiser for the Newtonville couple who lost everything in a fire on May 16. Her mom Heather, pictured right, and her grandmother Pat helped her with the logistics. The community raised $5000.


Frustration for condo owners

If you have gone to Tim Horton’s in Newcastle you are familiar with Brookhouse Gate – the condo next door to the south. Last week a flyer was passed around the neighbourhood by an owner of one of the units titled 21 Brookhouse Drive “The Golden Eyesore”.

In August 2020 I interviewed a couple, owners of one of the condo units. They were tired of hitting a brick wall every time they tried to get answers. Originally reaching out earlier in the year – they decided to wait it out for a bit hoping things would get done. They had moved into the building in November 2019. The major problems then: no landscaping, including all the promised amenities in the little park area in the back – which included a putting green, a running track around the park area, a gazebo and barbeques. There were concerns regarding the roof of the garage – which leaked, and it would have to be fixed before they finished the landscaping.


Time to start thinking of heat warning procedures

Durham Region Health Department will begin monitoring temperature conditions as part of the Durham Region Heat Warning and Information System for the 2021 summer season. The Health Department monitors information issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada to provide up-dates to area residents.


Look at me but don’t touch!

Our friendly neighbourhood snapping turtle ambling by a pond can live to be at least 100 years old if treated with respect. They are listed as ‘Species of Special Concern’ under the federal species at risk act.


Stray Feathers: Drastic Reduction in Bird Numbers

When out and about, people ask me if there are not as many birds around as before?” I never know what they mean by “before”, but regardless, the answer is no, there are not near as many. Ongoing studies have shown that in the past 50 years shorebird numbers are down by 40%, grassland birds have been depleted by 53-57% and aerial insectivores (swallows, flycatchers, etc.) are down 59% over-all. Studies have revealed that since 1970 we have lost about 3 billion birds here in Canada, including about 1 billion that would be considered forest birds. Overall, in terms of time, that’s a rapid decline.


The Locals: Donnie Meadows – Quite a Character

Donnie Meadows was a Newcastle resident for his whole life. Meadows was well known for his “Hi, how are ya!” There is a general consensus in Newcastle that Meadows “was a good guy.” Born in Bowmanville hospital, he lived with his family for many years on Baldwin street in Newcastle.



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