Is my mic on?

The difference between meeting in person and meeting over a video call is like eating a lobster versus watching a video of a lobster. There’s some kind of chemistry that takes place when you’re in the same room as somebody and you can see their body language and pick up on their inflections.

Prior to changes in municipal law brought about by the pandemic, councillors had to be physically present in order to vote and maintain quorum — the number of members necessary for a council meeting to be considered valid (meetings lacking quorum must be suspended).

Prior to 2020, Clarington council was not live streamed. If you couldn’t be in attendance to watch you had to wait until – usually Thursday, when the recorded video was posted on the municipality’s website. However – live streamed or not, in order to speak to council, you had to physically be in the room. Those rules changed when pandemic restrictions came into effect in March.


November 4, 2020

Veronica Vargas stops traffic along with Stella Riccio (waving on the sidelines) as Frieda Scriv-er and Jo-Anne Cawker hand out candy during the drive-thru trick-or-treat event hosted by the Bowmanville Older Adults Association.


Clarington remembers

The Municipality of Clarington is partnering with our local Royal Canadian Legion Branch 178 to mark this year’s Remembrance Day in a differ-ent more intimate way. Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising infection numbers, we cannot have mass gatherings at cenotaphs and monuments to pay tribute to our fallen Canadian soldiers.


Finding inner peace and clarity along the Bruce Trail

A doughnut and a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons” were all Tyler Gibson wanted when he came to the end of the journey at Tobermory on Saturday, October 31. He had just completed the entire 911 kilometres of The Bruce Trail. He left Niagara on September 16, so had been out for six weeks. The doughnut and hot chocolate would be followed by a hot shower and some clean clothes. And a night in his own bed.


Donations top up food bank resources

On October 23, MPP David Piccini presented Clarington East Food Bank with donations collected from the community during his Fall Food Drives. Piccini partnered with local farms and grocery stores throughout the riding. The Fall Food Drives raised $4000 and many truck loads of food to help re-stock the shelves of Clarington East Food Bank, Food 4 All Northumberland and Asphodel-Nor-wood Ministerial Food Bank. Pictured in back from left to right: Richard Jefferson, board member, Todd Taylor, board member, MPP David Piccini, Elsa Barber, Assistant Coordinator. In front: Bonnie Harrison, Office Manager/Constituency Assistant and Wyatt Sharpe, volunteer.


BOAA hosts drive-thru trick-or-treat Halloween event

Strains of haunting organ music play from speakers in the carport of the Bowmanville Older Adult Association (BOAA) on Beech Avenue, the site of this year’s drive-thru trick-or-treat Halloween event on Friday, October 30. Paper skeletons bedeck the windows, a ghostly figure stands silently holding a lantern, while staff and volunteers decked out in colourful costumes gleefully greet drivers with an offering of sweet treats.


Getting back on the ice

Sarah Rutherford performs a sit-spin during a recent practise session at the Orono Arena. Skating continues under strict COVID protocols. Coaches and program assistants are wearing masks and trying to have smaller groups using bigger circuits in order to space out the skaters. Only one parent is allowed in to watch from a designated spot in the stands and remain there for the entire instructional time.


Early morning cauliflower harvest

At Mak’s Everfresh Greenhouse and Farm, John, Alexandro and Jésus are busy tying the low-er leaves up over the developing heads of cauliflower for protection from sunlight (which can cause discolouration of the heads). Pictured here with Pablo Rico in the foreground.



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