The kettle’s always on!

Well, here we are going into our third year of publish-ing the Orono Weekly Times. Some days it is hard to believe that it has only been three years. Having grown up in Orono it was a natural fit right from the beginning. Owning a community newspaper and getting back to my print journalism roots has always been a dream of mine. I can’t think of a better way to fulfill this dream than to carry on a tradition that has been a staple in this community for over 80 years. It goes without saying, I love local journalism. That feel-ing of being connected to the community. The way it reflects the communities in which we live – their interests, concerns and passions. I’ve paid a lot of attention to all the speculation around the future of local journalism. There is a lot of pessimism around the subject. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the paper through subscriptions, advertising and sharing their story.


Marnwood LTC closing its doors

In response to being laid-off the day before, the staff from Glen Hill Marnwood took to downtown Bowmanville on Wednesday, October 21 stag-ing an information picket to inform the public that Marnwood is closing their doors.


October 28, 2020

St. Saviours Anglican Church, 23 Mill Street, Orono, has a couple of fun things up their sleeves for Halloween. Bonnie Wilson will be operating the socially distanced candy chute. Would you like to make a ‘Munchkin Pumpkin House’? Bring your decorated pumpkin to the front steps of the church with a family name card to display if you like October 31 from 12 noon on. ‘Land of OZ’ Pumpkin Display from 3 – 8 p.m. Pick up pumpkins Monday, November 2 if possible.


Improved safety at railway bridge

Travelling north across the historic and unique wooden railway bridge at Stephenson Road and Lakeshore, you’ll notice a new gate arm barrier that is being installed on the railway crossing. According to Mitch Bursey, S&C Wireman for Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), “we’re upgrading the crossing and all of our equipment, keeping it current.” CPR team members diligently work-ing here Saturday afternoon for the safety of the hundreds of drivers of cars and motorcycles and bicycles who enjoy one of Ontario’s best scenic roadways. Pictured from left to right, Michelle Lavallee, Mitch Bursey, Garrett Farquar, Doug Harper, Mark Fawcett, and Tanner Baker.


CanSkate focuses on fun

The Orono Figure Skating Club’s CanSkate program looks a little different this year with smaller groups due to COVID safety protocols. Keep an eye on Jack. He’s nailing the drills.


A place to relax and regenerate

Halotherapy is a form of alternative medicine making use of salt. Modern salt therapy has its origins in the salt mines of Europe and Russia. In 1843, Polish physician Dr Felix Boczkowski discovered that men working in the salt mines at Wieliczka suffered fewer respiratory problems than the general population.


Microplastics are impacting Lake Ontario’s Environment

Lake Ontario is a beautiful lake that is used extensively by citizens and visitors for recreation. For example, the Cobourg beach in an average summer has thousands of people visit, for many events including the waterfront festival which attracted approximately 30,000 people. Lake Ontario is also used for fish-ing and as a water source; however, this lake is in danger.



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