This Old Newspaper?!

Hey you! Yes…YOU. Is this newspaper headed for the recycling bin once you have finished reading it with your morning cup of coffee? Chances are you have answered ‘yes’, totally unaware that these folded sheets of community news are useful beyond your leisurely reading. This paper is a surprisingly versatile material that has the potential to be repurposed into something amazing. Clothing, art, furniture – the possibilities are endless.

The Orono Weekly Times and the Ontario Community Newspapers Association (OCNA) TRIPLE-DOG-DARE YOU to participate in the “This Old Newspaper?!” Reader Contest and recycle leftover newspaper into something new. Are you up for the challenge? Put your creativity hat on and enter for your chance to win the OCNA provincial price of $1,000.


“R” Farm: portal to the natural world

Those of you who are not farmers, imagine having access to seventy-four acres of lush green fields and forest, complete with walking trails along Wilmot Creek, a community garden or space for your own garden plot, a trout pond, picnic areas beside ponds, grass mazes, a sunny field lined with linden trees, sunflowers and half hidden fairy houses along the way.


Walk for Human Rights passes through Durham

typically the site of social justice activism. Yet for Sangayal Kyab, a 29-year old Tibetan man, this pedestrian-friendly trail became part of the route for his awareness-raising 800-kilometre walk for peace from Toronto to Ottawa and back on behalf of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people. Each day of the journey, he started out at about four o’clock in the morning, walking until approximately nine or ten o’clock at night, averaging approximately sixty kilometres per day.


The Locals: Farncomb LeGresley – A man of many hats

Farncomb LeGresley has the biggest happiest smile ever. He was born “94 years ago, in Ebor House just behind us.” Ebor House was built in the 1860’s by his great grandfather, Frederick Farncomb, the local customs collector. When he was born, they didn’t have electricity. “I think it was about 1871 when they got electricity.”


Computer access added to library’s summer services

Clarington Public Library is continuing to expand services to support the community through the summer months. With continued Take-Out Service, a virtual TD Summer Reading Club, and new Computer Access Appointments, the library is steadily adding more services and experiences for Clarington residents.



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