Train sparks cause concern

Although not yet confirmed, word on the ground is that sparks from trains are the suspected cause of the spot fires which ignited along a two kilometre stretch of railway tracks in twenty different locations in Pontypool on Friday, May 22, spreading to nearby trees and fields.

The City of Kawartha Lakes Fire Service is still investigating.


June 3, 2020

“Good morning,” he says. Scott Lee’s Herefords, all 25 of them, take their exercise every morning. Around the barn into the field and down the path leading to the front yard. They stop for a rest and watch the cars and trucks go by. There is no fence but they know the limits. People stop to exchange greetings and since these boys – who weigh in at about 850 pound each, can be very curious they may want to have a chat. And that’s okay they don’t bite.


Why so surprised?

Last week, Ford told reporters he was shocked by the revelations of a Canadian military report based on the experience of soldiers inside some of Ontario’s worst-hit long-term care homes.

Ford called the report “heartbreaking, horrific and gut-wrenching”. Trudeau said when he read the report, he felt a “range of emotions, including anger, frustration, sadness and grief”.

“It was the worst report, most heart-wrenching report I have ever read in my entire life,” Ford said. “Until yesterday morning, we didn’t know the full extent of what these homes, what these residents, were dealing with.”


Online health toolkit

As businesses and services begin to reopen in Durham Region, every precaution should be taken to ensure the health and safety of the community and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Bold new venture

Morgans Road has a new greenhouse, offering robust seedlings curated with a fine eye. Pictured here: Amanda says she and her family started the greenhouse this year as an experiment, offering cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, lettuces, swiss chard, rainbow chard, radishes, potatoes, beans arugula, tomatoes as well as lots of garlic and herbs such as basil, parsley, oregano, and chives. The greenhouse is located on Morgans Road between Highway 2 and the 401.


Visual Arts Centre Summer Camp update

During the summer months at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (VAC) the studios are filled with laughter, the lawns alive with games and the endless possibilities of imagination that comes to life through all the creative projects made by the youth of the Clarington community.


The locals: Gerald (Robbie) Robinson – The Racing years

Gerald Robinson started racing standardbreds in 1950. It was a part-time hobby while he worked at General Motors. Robinson well known in horse racing circles to come. His pictures are in racing magazines such as Trot! consistently. His adventures and wins are well documented in local and Southern Ontario newspapers. He has trained, owned, and raced trotters for twenty-seven years. His red, white, and blue colours became a familiar sight at racetracks across southern Ontario.


Celebrating 96 years in style

On May 25, Cliff Trewin, a local personality who served with the Royal Canadian Air Force in World War II, was honoured with a parade on May 25 to celebrate his 96th birthday, thanks to the organizational skills of Willie Woo. Trewin, born and raised in Clarington, is described by many as “a wonderful gentleman.” Sherry Bonnici, Trewin’s daughter-in-law, says, “He’s done so much for so many people and with Willie doing this, it just warms my heart.”



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