Where are the refunds?

A number of residents in the Port of Newcastle have taken to Facebook to voice their discontent that their monthly fees for the Admiral’s Walk Clubhouse have not been reduced or refunded during the COVID-19 outbreak.


May 27, 2020

Lloyd Johnson entertains every Sunday morning at 10 am at Bond Head Park in Newcastle, raising money for Durham Region Hospice – Clarington. Johnson sings old gospel songs and some of his own music. Newcastle will be home to Clarington’s first residential hospice.


COVID-19 impacts cash flow

In a report outlining Clarington’s financial situation, Clarington Council was told that the municipality’s cash flow would be $7.7 million short for 2020 fiscal year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And as we are still in the pandemic; we have been told that a clear financial picture will be available once staff understands the full impact of COVID-19.

The biggest impact is on the revenue side. A municipalities’ main revenue is property tax, up to half of their total revenues. Clarington’s tax levy is approximately $62.6 million – which included $8.3 million to capital projects and $3.8 million to reserves and reserve funds.

Clarington has – as have many municipalities across Canada, brought in property tax deferrals. In other words, when you get your tax bill, you don’t have to pay it for 60 or 90 days. There’s no interest, no penalty. The interest and penalty revenues are lost but also the property taxes aren’t coming in. The municipality is also taking another hit with the cancellation of spring programming, loss of user fees and loss of sport field rentals.


Newcastle singer releases country EP

Local musician Alexa Goldie, 21, is about to release a six song EP. Due to COVID-19 all of Goldie’s summer gigs have been cancelled which puts a snag in promoting and selling her EP, but Alexa has a plan and has worked very hard to make this happen.


The Locals: Donald Rickard – Farmer for life

Over the centuries the date to plant crops and gardens has been debated many times and in a variety of ways. Don Rickard has, by far, the most effective way to pick the date “You’re not ready to plant a crop of white beans until you are ready to sit your bare bum on the ground and not get a cold.”


The coolest ride on Lakeshore Road

Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a batmobile? No, it’s a Slingshot! The three-wheeled two-seater autocycle was seen motoring along the Lakeshore Road by a helmeted, bearded driver who could easily be mistaken for a superhero character. All that’s missing is the mask. And like all superheroes, he preferred to remain anonymous. “I’ve been driving down this road for forty years,” says the driver who is from Oshawa and often travels the road to pay a visit to family in Cobourg.


Who is the man behind the mask?

Leo Blindenbach, of the Port of Newcastle, is a community-minded man of action. He was inspired to hear stories of places like Melrose, Massachusetts supplying masks to its citizens, and wanted to do something similar because as he says, “We live in one of the nicest communities anybody could possibly ask for.”



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